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List of doping cases in sport

The following is an incomplete list of sportspeople who have been involved in doping offences. It contains those who have been found, or have admitted to, having taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs, prohibited recreational drugs or have been suspended by a sporting body for failure to submit to mandatory drug testing.

For a list of all sportspeople disqualified for drug use from the Olympic Games, see doping at the Olympic Games.

For a list of sportspeople who have been involved in doping cases, but whose names have been cleared, see the list of sportspeople cleared of doping charges.

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Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Fritz Aanes  Norway Greco-Roman wrestling Norandrosterone and Noretiochdandone [1]
Sara Abbazova  Azerbaijan Powerlifting Nandrolone [2]
Djamolidine Abdoujaparov  Uzbekistan Cycling [3]
Johan Ackermann  South Africa Rugby union Nandrolone [4]
Phillip Adams  Australia Shooting Hydrochlorothiazide [5]
Mohamed Ibrahim Aden  Somalia Athletics Ephedrine
(only given public warning)
Lizandro Ajcú  Guatemala Cycling Erythropoietin [7]
Chioma Ajunwa  Nigeria Athletics [8]
Stephen Alfred  United States Cycling hCG [9]
Albina Akhatova  Russia Biathlon Nikethamide [10]
Rolf Aldag  Germany Cycling EPO (self-admitted) [11]
Carlos Almanzar  Dominican Republic Baseball Steroids [12]
Lyle Alzado  United States American football Anabolic steroids
(never sanctioned; admitted to use after the end of his career)
Wafa Ammouri  Morocco Weightlifting [14] (French)
Uwe Ampler  Germany Cycling Steroids [15]
Gloria Amuche Nwosu  Nigeria Athletics Testosterone [16]
Andreas Anastasopoulos  Greece Athletics [17]
Chris Andersen  United States Basketball [18]
Georg Andersen  Norway Athletics Anabolic steroids [19] (Norwegian)
Kim Andersen  Denmark Cycling [20] (Danish)
Yeorgios Andreou  Cyprus Athletics [21]
Frankie Andreu  United States Cycling EPO (self-admitted) [22]
Vladimir Andreyev  Russia Athletics Salbutamol [23]
Joaquín Andújar  Dominican Republic Baseball Cocaine [24]
Adrián Annus  Hungary Athletics Missed test [25]
Seema Antil  India Athletics Pseudoephedrine
(only given public warning)
Chris Armstrong  England Football (soccer) Cannabis [27]
Juana Arrendel  Dominican Republic Athletics Stanozolol [28]
Natalya Artyomova  Unified Team Athletics Steroids [29]
Yamba Asha  Angola Football (soccer) [30]
Delilah Asiago  Kenya Athletics [31]
Innocent Asonze  Nigeria Athletics [32]
Nuno Assis  Portugal Football (soccer) Nandrolone [33]
Mark Anthony Awere  Ghana Athletics [34]
Nicklas Axelsson  Sweden Cycling EPO [35]
Süreyya Ayhan  Turkey Athletics Interfering with test [36]
Laura Azevedo  Brazil Swimming Anabolic steroids [37]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Jonathan Bachini  Italy Football (soccer) Cocaine [38]
Cezar Badita  Romania Swimming Nandrolone [39]; (German) [40]
Ndiss Kaba Badji  Senegal Athletics Androstenedione [41]
Aleksandr Bagach  Ukraine Athletics Steroids [42]
Nathan Baggaley  Australia Sprint Kayaking Stanozolol [43]
Erwin Bakker  Netherlands Cycling EPO [44]
Falk Balzer  Germany Athletics Nandrolone [45]
Roberto Barbaro  Italy Water polo Norandrosterone [46]
Josh Barnett  United States Mixed martial arts Anabolic steroids [47]
Randy Barnes  United States Athletics Methyltestosterone
Phil Baroni  United States Mixed martial arts Boldenone and stanozolol metabolites [50]
Ivan Basso  Italy Cycling Operación Puerto doping case [51]
Dieter Baumann  Germany Athletics Nandrolone [52]
Vadim Bavikin  Israel Athletics Steroids [53]
Alain Baxter  Scotland Alpine skiing Methamphetamine [54]
Karol Beck  Slovakia Tennis Clenbuterol [55]
James Beckford  Jamaica Athletics Ephedrine [56]
Irina Belova  Russia Athletics [57]
Kenta Bell  United States Athletics Methylprednisolone [58]
Awatef Ben Hassine  Tunisia Athletics [59]
Bryan Berard  United States Ice hockey 19-norandrosterone [60]
Adam Bergman  United States Cycling EPO [61]
Lorenzo Bernucci  Italy Cycling Sibutramine [62]
Dale Berra  United States Baseball Cocaine [63]
Rafael Betancourt  Venezuela Baseball [64]
Antonella Bevilacqua  Italy Athletics Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine [65]
Rajendra Bhandari  Nepal Athletics Norandrosterone [66]
Madina Biktagirova  Unified Team Athletics Norephedrine [67]
Ambrose Bitok  Kenya Athletics Norandrosterone [68]
Alberto Blanco  Cuba Weightlifting Anabolic steroids [69]
Katerina Bliamou  Greece Swimming Nandrolone [70]
Frank de Boer  Netherlands Football (soccer) Nandrolone [71]
Galabin Boevski  Bulgaria Weightlifting Tampering with test [72]
Alex Bogomolov Jr.  United States Tennis Salbutamol [73]
Ato Boldon  Trinidad and Tobago Athletics Ephedrine
(only given public warning)
Udo Bölts  Germany Cycling EPO (self-admitted) [75]
Barry Bonds  United States Baseball Amphetamines
(first offender; not suspended per Major League Baseball collective bargaining agreement)
Stephan Bonnar  United States Mixed Martial Arts Boldenone [77]
Leo Bookman  United States Athletics Salbutamol
(only given public warning)
Marco Borriello  Italy Football (soccer) Prednisolone [79]
Mark Bosnich  Australia Football (soccer) Cocaine [80]
Brahim Boulami  Morocco Athletics EPO [81]
Djamel Bouras  France Judo Nandrolone [82] [83]
Lee Bowyer  England Football (soccer) Marijuana [84]
Andrew James Brack  Greece Baseball Stanozolol [85]
Kevin Braunskill  United States Athletics Stanozolol [86]
Grit Breuer  Germany Athletics Clenbuterol [87]
Okkert Brits  South Africa Athletics Ephedrine
(only given public warning)
David Britz  South Africa Rugby union Boldenone [89]
Laurent Brochard  France Cycling EPO [90]
Dave Bruylandts  Belgium Cycling EPO [91] (Dutch)
Katharina Bullin  East Germany Volleyball [92]
Andrew Burns  Australia Swimming Ecstasy [93]
Asim Butt  Scotland Cricket Ecstasy [94]
Tamara Bykova  Soviet Union Athletics [95]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Enos Cabell  United States Baseball Cocaine [96]
Daniel Cadamarteri  England Football Ephedrine [97]
Gary Cadogan  England Athletics Nandrolone [98]
Maria Luisa Calle Williams  Colombia Track cycling [99]
Oscar Camenzind  Switzerland Cycling EPO [100]
Mike Cameron  United States Baseball Stimulants [101]
Ken Caminiti  United States Baseball Anabolic steroids
(never sanctioned; admitted to use after the end of his career)
Neil Campbell  England Cycling HCG [103]
Guillermo Cañas  Argentina Tennis Hydrochlorothiazide
José Canseco  United States Baseball Anabolic steroids
(never sanctioned; admitted to use after the end of his career)
John Capel  United States Athletics Cannabis [105]
Ludovic Capelle  Belgium Cycling EPO [106]
Dean Capobianco  Australia Athletics Steroids [107]
Salvador Carmona  Mexico Football (soccer) Steroids [108]
Danilo Carrega  Brazil Swimming Stanozolol [109]
LaMark Carter  United States Athletics Salbutamol [110]
Stefano Casagranda  Italy Cycling [111]
Francesco Casagrande  Italy Cycling Testosterone [112]
Silviu Casandra  Romania Race walking [113]
Arnaud Casquette  Mauritius Athletics Cannabis [114]
Víctor Castillo  Venezuela Athletics Furosemide [115]
Rupeni Caucaunibuca  Fiji Rugby union Cannabis [116]
Jolanda Čeplak  Slovenia Athletics EPO [117]
Sergo Chakhoyan  Australia Weightlifting Stanozolol [118]
Dwain Chambers  England Athletics THG [119]
Sanamacha Chanu  India Weightlifting [120]
Justin Charles  Australia Australian rules football Boldenone [121]
Jani Chathurangani Silva  Sri Lanka Athletics [122]
Juan Ignacio Chela  Argentina Tennis Metil-testosterone
Abdelatif Chemlal  Morocco Athletics [123]
Chen Po-Pu  Chinese Taipei Weightlifting Methandienone [124]
Pamela Chepchumba  Kenya Athletics EPO [125]
Lydia Cheromei  Kenya Athletics Clomiphene [126]
Damu Cherry  United States Athletics [127]
Christophe Cheval  France Athletics Nandrolone [128]
Viktor Chislean  Moldova Weightlifting [129]
Fouad Chouki  France Athletics EPO [130]
Linford Christie  England Athletics Nandrolone [131]
Clement Chukwu  Nigeria Athletics [132]
Traean Ciharean  Romania Weightlifting [133]
Hazel Clark  United States Athletics Pseudoephedrine [134]
Venolyn Clarke  Canada Athletics Stanozolol [135]
Marcus Clavelle  United States Athletics Methandieone [136]
Michelle Collins  United States Athletics [137]
Chris Cooper  United States American football THG [138]
Guillermo Coria  Argentina Tennis Nandrolone
Fernando Couto  Portugal Football (soccer) Nandrolone [139]
Crystal Cox  United States Athletics Ephedrine [140]
Jack Cust  United States Baseball Steroids


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Joey D'Antoni  United States Cycling EPO [141]
Ashot Danielyan  Armenia Weightlifting Steroids [142]
Bonnie Dasse  United States Athletics Clenbuterol [143]
Simon Daubney  New Zealand Sailor [144] (German)
Edgar Davids  Netherlands Football (soccer) Nandrolone [145]
Mary Decker (Mary Slaney)  United States Athletics Testosterone [146]
Tony Dees  United States Athletics Norandrosterone
Rusmin Dedič  Slovenia Football (soccer) Testosterone [148]
Hind Dehiba  France Athletics rh-EPO [149]
Vilimoni Delasau  Fiji Rugby union Cannabis [150]
Luis Delís  Cuba Athletics [151]
Tezeta Dengersa  Turkey Athletics [152]
Sébastien Denis  France Athletics Ephedrine
(only given public warning)
Lyubov Denisova  Russia Athletics Prostanozol, testosterone [154]
Joao Derly  Brazil Judo Diuretics [155], [156], [157], [158]
Kunjarani Devi  India Weightlifting [159]
Vadim Devyatovskiy  Belarus Athletics Nandrolone [160]
Aïssa Dghoughi  Morocco Athletics Refusal to submit to doping control [161]
Mark Dickel  New Zealand Basketball Cannabis [162]
Bert Dietz  Germany Cycling EPO (self-admitted) [163]
Rostislav Dimitrov  Bulgaria Athletics Ephedrine [164]
Svetla Dimitrova  Bulgaria Athletics [165]
Katalin Divós  Hungary Athletics [166]
Vukosava Đapić  Serbia and Montenegro Athletics Metenolone [167]
Gábor Dobos  Hungary Athletics [168]
Jim Doehring  United States Athletics Steroids [169]
Rashid Al-Dosari  Qatar Athletics [170]
Troy Douglas  Netherlands Athletics Nandrolone [171]
Horace Dove-Edwin  Sierra Leone Athletics Stanozolol [172]
Izabela Dragneva  Bulgaria Weightlifting Furosemide [173]
Rasa Drazdauskaitė  Lithuania Athletics [174]
Laurent Dufaux  Switzerland Cycling EPO [175]
Christophe Dugarry  France Football (soccer) Nandrolone [176]
Anthony Dupuis  France Tennis Salbutamol [177]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Monzavous Edwards  United States Athletics
(only given public warning)
Paul Edwards  Wales Athletics [179]
Torri Edwards  United States Athletics Nikethamide
(ban later lifted)
Florence Ekpo-Umoh  Germany Athletics Stanozolol [181]
Hayat El Ghazi  Morocco Athletics Norandrosterone [182]
Alene Emere  Ethiopia Athletics Nandrolone [183]
Tomáš Enge  Czech Republic Auto racing Cannabis [184]
Ludmila Engquist  Russia
Maria Enkina  Russia Athletics Carphedon [186]
Mostafa Errebbah  Italy Athletics [187]
Ridouane Es-Saadi  Belgium Athletics Methandienone [188]
Latifa Essarokh  France Athletics Stanozolol [189] [190]
Jean-Jacques Eydelie  France Football (soccer) [191] (self-admitted)
Davidson Ezinwa  Nigeria Athletics Ephedrine
Osmond Ezinwa  Nigeria Athletics Ephedrine [193]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Saad Faeaz  Iraq Bodybuilding Nandrolone [194]
Róbert Fazekas  Hungary Athletics Missed test [195]
Surita Febbraio  South Africa Athletics Testosterone [196]
Elena Fedoseva  Russia Athletics [197]
Rio Ferdinand  England Football (soccer) Missed test [198]
Michal Fiala  Czech Republic Athletics Methandienone [199]
Konstantinos Filippidis  Greece Athletics Etilephrine [200]
Sveinung Fjeldstad  Norway Football (soccer) (Norwegian) [201]
Delisa Floyd  United States Athletics Amphetamine [202]
Riccardo Forconi  Italy Cycling [203]
Mabel Fonseca  Puerto Rico Weightlifting Stanozolol [204]
Greg Foster  United States Athletics Pseudoephedrine
Ryan Franklin  United States Baseball Steroids [206]
Dario Frigo  Italy Cycling [207]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Alexander Gaidukov  Russia Water polo Carphedon [208]
Chryste Gaines  United States Athletics [209]
Anton Galkin  Russia Athletics [210]
Philippe Gaumont  France Cycling EPO (Self admitted) [211]
Stefano Garzelli  Italy Cycling Probenecid [212]
Sandra Gasser  Switzerland Athletics Steroids [213]
Justin Gatlin  United States Athletics Amphetamine
Anzhelika Gavrilova  Kazakhstan Speed skating Clenbuterol [216] (Dutch)
Tibor Gécsek  Hungary Athletics [217]
Jason Giambi  United States Baseball Human growth hormone, steroids
Jeremy Giambi  United States Baseball Human growth hormone, steroids
Giuseppe Gibilisco  Italy Athletics [222] [223]
Ed Giddins  England Cricket Cocaine [224]
Everton Giovanella  Brazil Football (soccer) [225]
Patricia Girard  France Athletics [226] (Swedish)
Sandra Glover  United States Athletics
(only given public warning)
Derlis Gómez  Paraguay Football (soccer) Coca [228]
Anthony Gobert  Australia Motorcycle racing Cannabis
Not sanctioned for first offence, but was released from contract by team
Aitor González  Spain Cycling methyltestosterone metabolite [232]
Dwight Gooden  United States Baseball Cocaine [233]
Ólafur Gottskálksson  Iceland Football (soccer) [234]
Royce Gracie  Brazil Mixed martial arts Nandrolone metabolite [235]
Mike Gravelle  United States Athletics Testosterone [236]
Guy Greavette  Canada Weightlifting Anabolic steroids [237]
Natalia Grigorieva  Soviet Union Athletics [238]
Mickey Grimes  United States Athletics Norandrosterone [239]
Stian Grimseth  Norway Weightlifting [240]
Jason Grimsley  United States Baseball Amphetamines,
anabolic steroids,
human growth hormone
Kevin Grubb  United States Auto racing [242]
Josep Guardiola  Spain Football (soccer) Cleared on all charges [243]
Yelena Gulyayeva  Russia Athletics [244]
Zafar Guliyev  Russia Wrestling Bromantan [245]
Fabrizio Guidi  Italy Cycling EPO [246]
Carlos Gurpegi  Spain Football (soccer) 19-norandrosterone
(Ban later lifted)
Rebeca Gusmão  Brazil Swimming Testosterone


Ferenc Gyurkovics  Hungary Weightlifting Oxandrolone [249]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Abdelkader Hachlaf  Morocco Athletics [250]
Noriyuki Haga  Japan Motorcycle racing Ephedrine [251]
Linda Haglund  Sweden Athletics Anabolic steroids [252] (Swedish)
Fatima Hajjami  Morocco Athletics [253]
Carey Hall  Australia Cycling Steroids [254]
Tyler Hamilton  United States Cycling Blood transfusion [255]
Bo Hamburger  Denmark Cycling EPO. Admitted years after being cleared by CAS. [256]
Danny Harris  United States Athletics Cocaine [257]
Alvin Harrison  United States Athletics [258]
Calvin Harrison  United States Athletics [259]
Rodney Harrison  United States American football Human growth hormone [260]
Kjell Ove Hauge  Norway Athletics Anabolic steroids [261] (Norwegian)
Floyd Heard  United States Athletics
(only given public warning)
Eddy Hellebuyck  United States Athletics rhEPO [263]
Geraldine Hendricken  Ireland Athletics [264]
Christian Henn  Germany Cycling EPO (self-admitted) [265]
Roberto Heras  Spain Cycling EPO [266]
Félix Heredia  Dominican Republic Baseball Steroids [267]
Keith Hernandez  United States Baseball Cocaine [268]
Pascal Herve  France Cycling EPO [269]
René Higuita  Colombia Football (soccer) Cocaine [270]
Martina Hingis  Switzerland Tennis Cocaine [271]
Claus Hirsbro  Denmark Athletics [272]
Knut Hjeltnes  Norway Athletics Anabolic steroids [273] (Norwegian)
Shane Hmiel  United States Auto racing Cocaine
Aad van der Hoek  Netherlands Cycling Coramine [275]
Al Holland  United States Baseball Cocaine [276]
Brian Holm  Denmark Cycling EPO [277] (Danish)
Gergely Horvath  Hungary Athletics Boldenone [278] (Dutch)
Detlef Hofmann  Germany Canoeing [279]
Hristoforos Hoidis  Greece Athletics Tamoxiphen [280]
Danilo Hondo  Germany Cycling Carphedon [281]
Mariano Hood  Argentina Tennis Finasteride [282] (Spanish)
Seppo Hovinen  Finland Athletics [283]
Jan Hruska  Czech Republic Cycling [284]
Huang Qun  China Athletics [285]
Jaime Huelamo  Spain Cycling [286]
Gary Hunt  England Diving Tetrahydrocannabinol [287]
C.J. Hunter  United States Athletics Nandrolone [288]
Martin Hvastija  Slovenia Cycling [289]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Monica Iagăr  Romania Athletics [290]
Abdulagadir Idriss  Sudan Athletics Norandrosterone [291]
Janne Immonen  Finland Cross-country skiing HES [292]
Chidi Imoh  Nigeria Athletics [293]
Natalya Iosifidi  Russia Athletics [294]
Yusaku Iriki  Japan Baseball Steroids [295]
Jari Isometsä  Finland Cross-country skiing HES [296]
Anastasia Ivanenko  Russia Swimming Furosemide [297]
Ivan Ivanov  Bulgaria Weightlifting Furosemide [298]
Lyubov Ivanova  Russia Athletics Methyltestosterone [299]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Regina Jacobs  United States Athletics THG [300]
Mahmoud Jadaan  Syria Swimming Metenolone [301]
Jörg Jaksche  Germany Cycling EPO [302]
Genevieve Jeanson  Canada Cycilng EPO [303]
Cordera Jenkins  United States Athletics Cannabis
(only given public warning)
Brian Dalgaard Jensen  Denmark Cycling EPO [305] (Danish)
Knud Enemark Jensen  Denmark Cycling Amphetamines [306]
Jie Zhou  China Swimming Clenbuterol [307]
Tomas Johansson  Sweden Sport wrestling Anabolic steroids [308] (Swedish)
Ben Johnson  Canada Athletics Stanozolol [309]
Willie Johnston  Scotland Football (soccer) [310]
Marion Jones  United States Athletics THG
Roy Jones Jr.  United States Boxing Androstenedione
*This was available in over-the-counter supplements until 2004, when it became illegal in the US.


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Alina Kabaeva  Russia Rhythmic gymnastics Furosemide [313]
Mohamed Kallon  Sierra Leone Football (soccer) Nandrolone [314]
Kaspars Kambala  Latvia Basketball Cocaine metabolite [315]
Svetlana Kanatova  Russia Athletics [316]
Adil Kaouch  Morocco Athletics rh-EPO [317]
Anastasiya Kapachinskaya  Russia Athletics [318]
Sesil Karatantcheva  Bulgaria Tennis Nandrolone [319]
Svend Karlsen  Norway Strongmen [320]
Halina Karnatsevich  Belarus Athletics Stanozolol [321]
Fetie Kasaj  Albania Weightlifting [322] (Norwegian)
Andrey Kashechkin  Kazakhstan Cycling Blood doping [323]
Tatyana Kazankina  Soviet Union Athletics Missed test [324]
Jacek Kazimierowski  Poland Athletics Ephedrine
(only given public warning)
Héni Kechi  France Athletics Cannabis [326]
Zoltan Kecskes  Hungary Weightlifting [327]
Lisa Kehler  United Kingdom Race walking Terbutaline
(only given public warning)
Naman Keita  France Athletics Testosterone precursors [329]
Ronwin Kelly  South Africa Rugby union (former bodybuilder) Nandrolone [330]
Simon Kemboi  Kenya Athletics Nandrolone [331]
Daniel Kenedy  Portugal Football (soccer) Furosemide [332]
Kostas Kenteris  Greece Athletics Missed tests [333]
Kamy Keshmiri  United States Athletics Steroids [334]
Matthias Kessler  Germany Cycling testosterone [335]
Nan Aye Khine  Myanmar Weightlifting Steroids [336]
Yaroslav Khoma  Ukraine Football (soccer) [337]
Albina Khomich  Russia Weightlifting [338]
Yekaterina Khoroshikh  Russia Athletics NandrHormone blockerolone [339] [340]
Irina Khudoroshkina  Russia Athletics [341]
Rotson Kilambe  Zambia Football (soccer) [342]
Nabil Kirame  Morocco Athletics Cannabis
(only given public warning)
Harri Kirvesniemi  Finland Cross-country skiing HES [344]
Mikuláš Konopka  Slovakia Athletics Stanozolol [345]
Ilya Konovalov  Russia Athletics Acetazolamide [346]
Petr Korda  Czech Republic Tennis Nandrolone [347]
Andrey Korneyev  Russia Swimming Bromantan [348]
Yanina Korolchik  Belarus Athletics Clenbuterol [349]
Irina Korzhanenko  Russia Athletics Stanozolol [350]
Anzhelika Kotyuga  Belarus Speed skating Anabolic steroids [351] [352] (Dutch)
Zoltán Kovács  Hungary Weightlifting Refusal to provide test [353]
Justyna Kowalczyk  Poland Cross-country skiing Dexamethason [354]
Katrin Krabbe  Germany Athletics Clenbuterol [355]
Nina Kraft  Germany Triathlon EPO [356]
Inessa Kravets  Ukraine Athletics Stimulants [357]
Heidi Krieger (Andreas Krieger)  East Germany Athletics Anabolic steroids [358]
Lennie Kristensen  Denmark Cycling [359] (Danish)
Karen Kronemeyer  Netherlands Squash Benzylpiperazine [360]
Herkie Kruger  South Africa Rugby union Nandrolone [361]
Virpi Kuitunen  Finland Cross-country skiing HES [362]
Anil Kumar  India Athletics Norandrosterone [363]
Pratima Kumari  India Weightlifting [364]
Mikko Kyyrö  Finland Race walking Methylprednisolone
(only given public warning)


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Florent Lacasse  France Athletics Testosterone precursors [366]
Lee Lacy  United States Baseball Cocaine [367]
Bernard Lama  France Football (soccer) Cannabis [368]
Eric Lamaze  Canada Equestrian Cocaine [369]
Burger Lambrechts  South Africa Athletics Stanozolol [370]
Floyd Landis  United States Cycling Testosterone [371]
Simon Larose  Canada Tennis Cocaine [372]
Matt Lawton  United States Baseball Boldenone [373]
Jeff Laynes  United States Athletics Stanozolol [374]
Suzette Lee  Jamaica Athletics Salbutamol
(only given public warning)
Luc Leblanc  France Cycling EPO (self admitted) [376]
Asmae Leghzaoui  Morocco Athletics EPO [377]
Yann Lejuste  France Water polo Tetrahydrocannabinol [378]
Jeffrey Leonard  United States Baseball Cocaine [379]
Kimo Leopoldo  United States Mixed martial arts Stanozolol [380]
Aleksey Lesnichiy  Belarus Athletics Clenbuterol [381]
Stephen Letchford  England Ten-pin bowling Benzoylecgonine [382]
Mikołaj Lewański  Poland Athletics Cannabis
(only given public warning)
Carl Lewis  United States Athletics Pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine
(inadvertent use)
Mark Lewis-Francis  England Athletics Cannabis
(only given public warning)
Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall  Sweden Modern pentathlon Alcohol [386]
Lin Yili  China Athletics [387]
Lourdes Domínguez Lino  Spain Tennis Cocaine [388]
Liu Yunfeng  China Athletics [389]
Jason Livingston  England Athletics Methandianone [390]
Romain Locher  France Water polo Tetrahydrocannabinol [391]
Paul Loduca USA Steroids
Jud Logan  United States Athletics Clenbuterol [392]
Cathal Lombard  Ireland Athletics [393]
Andrea Longo  Italy Athletics Nandrolone [394]
Simos Loukas  Greece Water polo Methylphenidate [395]
Patrik Löfgren  Sweden Athletics Cocaine
(use of cocaine after competition, substance only banned in competition)
[396] (Swedish)
Zach Lund  United States Skeleton Finasteride [397]
Vyacheslav Lykho  Soviet Union Athletics Stimulant [398]
Robin Lyons  Canada Athletics Nandrolone [399]
Tatyana Lysenko  Russia Athletics NandrHormone blockerolone [400] [401]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Mbulelo Mabizela  South Africa Football (soccer) Marijuana [402]
Remigius Machura  Czechoslovakia Athletics [403]
Colin Mackenzie  Wales Athletics [404]
Maurren Maggi  Brazil Athletics Clostebol [405]
Emmanuel Magnien  France Cycling Corticoids [406]
Igor Majcen  Slovenia Swimming [407]
Rodolfo Massi  Italy Cycling cortisone [408]
Roland Meier  Switzerland Cycling EPO [409]
Diego Maradona  Argentina Football (soccer) Ephedrine [410] (Swedish)
Georgi Markov  Bulgaria Weightlifting Tampering with test [411]
LaVonna Martin-Floreal  United States Athletics Diuretic
(Ban later lifted)
David Martínez  Spain Athletics Steroids [413]
Martha Matsa  Greece Swimming Stanozolol [414]
Natasha Mayers  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Athletics T/E-4 [415]
Iain McCorkindale  England Ten-pin bowling Benzoylecgonine [416]
John McEwen  United States Athletics Tetrahydrogestrinone [417]
David McFadgen  United States Athletics Cocaine [418]
Mark McGwire  United States Baseball Androstenedione
(never sanctioned; admitted to use during his career, at a time when the substance was not banned)
Mark McKoy  Canada Athletics [420]
Brigitte McMahon  Switzerland Triathlon Erythropoietin [421]
David Meca  Spain Swimming Nandrolone [422]
Mihaela Melinte  Romania Athletics Nandrolone [423]
Filip Meirhaeghe  Belgium Cycling EPO [424]
Oussama Mellouli  Tunisia Swimming Amphetamine (Dutch) [425]
Miroslav Menc  Czech Republic Athletics Stanozolol
Amewu Mensah  Germany Athletics Oxandrolone [428]
Shawne Merriman  United States American football Steroid [429]
Jeff Michels  United States Weightlifting Testosterone [430]
Mike Mihelic  Canada Canadian football [431]
Andrei Mikhnevich  Belarus Athletics [432]
David Millar  Scotland Cycling EPO [433]
Sevdalin Minchev  Bulgaria Weightlifting Furosemide [434]
Dennis Mitchell  United States Athletics Testosterone [435]
Yuliya Mochalova  Russia Athletics [436]
Ofentse Mogawane  South Africa Athletics Methylprednisolone [437]
Claus Michael Møller  Denmark Cycling [438] (Danish)
Felicia Moldovan (née Tilea)  Romania Athletics [439]
Shane Monahan  United States Baseball Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol & amphetamines
Self-admitted in 2007, last played in minors 2003.
GiamPaolo Mondini  Italy Cycling [441]
Scott Moninger  United States Cycling 19-norandrosterone [442]
Agustin Montero  Dominican Republic Baseball [443]
Tim Montgomery  United States Athletics [444]
Josh Moreau  United States Weightlifting Cannabinoids [445]
Christophe Moreau Template:Fra Cycling EPO (self admitted) [446]
Cristian Moreni  Italy Cycling Testosterone [447]
Aston Morgan  Jamaica Athletics Steroids [448]
Luca Moro  Italy Auto racing Benzoylecgonine [449]
Mike Morse  United States Baseball Steroids [450]
Guillermo Mota  Dominican Republic Baseball [451]
Mohammed Mourhit  Morocco Athletics Erythropoietin [452]
Johann Mühlegg  Spain Cross-country skiing Darbepoetin [453]
Gael Mulhall  Australia Athletics Anabolic steroids [454]
David Munyasia  Kenya Boxing Stimulant [455]
Giuseppe Muraglia  Italy Cycling hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) [456]
Johan Museeuw  Belgium Cycling As yet unknown [457] (self-admitted)
Adrian Mutu  Romania Football (soccer) Cocaine [458]
Carl Myerscough  England Athletics Anabolic steroids [459]
Mika Myllylä  Finland Cross-country skiing HES [460]
Larry Myricks  United States Athletics Phenylpropanolomine [461] [462]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Sireli Naqelevuki  Fiji Rugby union Cannabis [463]
Shaun Newton  England Football (soccer) Cocaine [464]
John Ngugi  Kenya Athletics Missed test [465]
Lars Brian Nielsen  Denmark Cycling Caffeine [466] (Danish)
Larisa Nikitina (Larisa Turchinskaya)  Soviet Union Athletics [467]
Lars Arvid Nilsen  Norway Athletics Probenecid
Anabolic steroids (twice)
[469] (Norwegian)
Nana Niu  China Athletics Norandrosterone [470]
Franny Norton  England Horse racing Metabolite of cocaine [471]
Anosheravan Nourian  Iran Boxing [472]
Karel Nováček  Czech Republic Tennis Cocaine [473]
Jonathan Nsenga  Belgium Athletics Ephedrine [474]
Joseph N'Sima  France Basketball Ephedrine [475] (Norwegian)
Daniel Nuñez  Cuba Weightlifting Anabolic steroids [476]
Charles Nyakundi  Kenya Athletics Boldenone [477]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Nathan O'Neill  Australia Cycling Phentermine [478]
Musa Amer Obaid  Qatar Athletics Testosterone [479]
Kirk Obee  United States Cycling Testosterone [480]
Christine Ohuruogu  England Athletics Missed tests [481]
Reza Ojagh  Iran Swimming Nandrolone [482]
Aham Okeke  Norway Athletics Ephedrine
(Norwegian) [483]
(Norwegian) [484]
Olena Olefirenko  Ukraine Rowing [485]
Andrey Oleynik  Ukraine Swimming Cannabis [486]
Jacques Oliger  Chile Weightlifting [487]
Mary Onyali-Omagbemi  Nigeria Athletics Ephedrine [488] [489]
Oo Mya Sanda  Myanmar Weightlifting Metabolite [490]
Charity Opara  Nigeria Athletics [491]
Dupe Osime  Nigeria Athletics Nandrolone [492]
Artur Osman  Poland Athletics Norandrosterone [493]


Name Country Sport Banned Reference
Neco Padaratz  Brazil Surfing [494]
Emilio Pagani  Italy Swimming Tetrahydrocannabinol [495]
Gergely Palágyi  Hungary Athletics [496]
Rafael Palmeiro  United States Baseball Stanozolol [497]
Savvas Panavoglou  Greece Athletics Caffeine [498] (German)
Marco Pantani  Italy Cycling Declared unfit to ride after a UCI "health check" in the Giro d'Italia, but never formally tested positive or banned. [499]
Maria Papadopoulou  Greece Athletics [500]
Dave Parker  United States Baseball Cocaine [501]
Joseph M. Papp  United States Cycling Testosterone or its precursors (6α-OH-androstenedione 6β-OH-androsterone) [502]
Stephen Pate  Australia Cycling Steroids [503]
Geza Pauer  Hungary Athletics Boldenone [504] (Dutch)
Lenny Paul  United Kingdom Bobsleigh Nandrolone [505]
Vita Pavlysh  Ukraine Athletics [506]
Serhiy Pavlyuchenko  Ukraine Athletics Mesocarb [507]
Per Pedersen  Denmark Cycling Cortisone [508] (Danish)
Larisa Peleshenko  Russia Athletics [509]
Daniel Pereira  Portugal Swimming Stanozolol [510]
Lyubov Perepelova  Uzbekistan Athletics Hydrochloromethyltestosterone [511]
Neifi Pérez  Dominican Republic Baseball Stimulants (three times) [512]
Asko Pesonen  Finland Athletics [513]
Rumyana Petkova  Bulgaria Weightlifting Stanozolol [514]
Andy Pettitte  United States Baseball Human growth hormone
Denis Petushinskiy  New Zealand Athletics [516]
Chris Phillips  United States Athletics Modafinil
(only given public warning)
[517], [518]
Amaia Piedra  Spain Athletics [519]
Jorge Piedra  United States Baseball [520]
Juan Pineda  United States Cycling 19-norandrosterone [521]
Uta Pippig  Germany Athletics Testosterone [522]
Vladyslav Piskunov  Ukraine Athletics Drostanolone [523]
Ben Plucknett  United States Athletics Anabolic steroids [524]
Adri van der Poel  Netherlands Cycling Strychnine [525]
Hristos Polihroniou  Greece Athletics [526]
Svetlana Pospelova  Russia Athletics Stanozolol [527]
Iva Prandzheva  Bulgaria Athletics Nandrolone [528], [529]
Melissa Price  United States Athletics THG [530]
Yelena Prokhorova  Russia Athletics [531]
Piotr Przydzial  Poland Cycling EPO [532]
Mariusz Pudzianowski  Poland Strength athletics Cocaine [533]
Mariano Puerta  Argentina Tennis Etilefrine, clenbuterol [534]
Marcelo Pugliese  Argentina Athletics Stanozolol [535]
Shailaja Pujari  India Weightlifting [536]
Yekaterina Puzanova  Russia Athletics [537]
Olga Pyleva  Russia Biathlon Carphedon [538]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Al-Saadi Qadhafi  Libya Football (soccer) Nandrolone [539]
Quim  Portugal Football (soccer) Nandrolone [540]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Andreea Răducan  Romania Gymnastics Pseudoephedrine [541]
Elmira Ramileva  Uzbekistan Weightlifting Anabolic steroid [542]
Rita Razmaite  Lithuania Cycling Bromantan [543]
Andris Reinholds  Latvia Rowing Nandrolone [544]
Julio Rey  Spain Athletics Mesterlone [545]
Butch Reynolds  United States Athletics (ban later lifted) [546]
Peter Ribe  Norway Rowing Ephedrine [547] (Norwegian)
Elisa Rigaudo  Italy Race walking (only given public warning) [548]
Bjarne Riis  Denmark Cycling EPO, cortisone, growth hormone (self-admitted) [549]
Juan Rincón  Venezuela Baseball Steroids [550]
Barret Robbins  United States American football THG [551]
Grant Roberts  United States Baseball Steroids [552]
Ana Rodrigues  Portugal Water polo Canrenone [553]
Estella Rodriguez Villanueva  Cuba Judo Furosemide [554]
Luis Román Rolón  Puerto Rico Boxing [555]
Bill Romanowski  United States American football Steroids
Fabrício Romero  Brazil Athletics (only given public warning) [557]
Loren Ross  United States Boxing [558]
Serene Ross  United States Athletics Hydrochlorothiazide
Didier Rous  France Cycling EPO [560]
Mark Rowe  United States Athletics Methyl testosterone [561]
Raimondas Rumšas  Lithuania Cycling [562]
Timothy Rusan  United States Athletics Tetrahydrocannabinol [563]
Stefan Rütimann  Switzerland Cycling testosterone [564]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Milla Saari (née Jauho)  Finland Cross-country skiing HES [565]
Natalya Sadova  Russia Athletics Caffeine, anabolic steroid [566]
Darya Safonova  Russia Athletics Pemoline [567]
Jan Sagedal  Norway Athletics Probenecid
[568] (Norwegian)
Sule Sahbaz  Turkey Weightlifting [569]
Ali Saidi-Sief  Algeria Athletics Nandrolone [570]
Wendell Sailor  Australia Rugby union Cocaine [571]
Juan Salas  Dominican Republic Baseball [572]
Mounira Al-Saleh  Syria Athletics Stanozolol [573]
Nabil Salmi  Algeria Athletics Norandrosterone [574]
Leonidas Sampanis  Greece Weightlifting [575]
Olga Samulenkova  Russia Rowing Testosterone [576]
Alex Sánchez  Cuba Baseball Steroids [577]
Leevan Sands  Bahamas Athletics Levmetamfetamine [578]
Fabiane dos Santos  Brazil Athletics Testosterone [579]
Mitchell Sargent  Australia Rugby league Cocaine [580]
Vladimir Sasimovich  Belarus Athletics [581]
Adam Sbieh  United States Cycling EPO [582]
Michele Scarponi  Italy Cycling Operación Puerto doping case [583]
Dorian Scott  Jamaica Athletics Cannabis [584]
Sead Seferovic  Bosnia and Herzegovina Football (soccer) Ephedrine [585]
Hezekiel Sepeng  South Africa Athletics [586]
Alina Serdyuk  Belarus Athletics [587]
Jeremy Serreau  France Water polo Testosterone [588]
Roberto Sgambelluri  Italy Cycling NESP [589]
Tony Sharpe  Canada Athletics [590]
Gary Sheffield  United States Baseball Steroids
(was not punished)
Dmitriy Shevchenko  Russia Athletics [593] (Swedish)
Shang Shichun  China Weightlifting [594]
Sergei Shiriaev  Russia Cross-country skiing EPO [595]
Olga Shishigina  Kazakhstan Athletics Stanozolol [596]
Olga Shchukina  Uzbekistan Athletics Clenbuterol [597]
Natalya Shekhodanova  Russia Athletics Steroids [598]
Oleg Shteinikov  Kazakhstan Swimming Nandrolone [599]
Fernando Silva  Portugal Athletics rh-EPO [600]
Filippo Simeoni  Italy Cycling EPO, growth hormone [601]
Neelam Jaswant Singh  India Athletics Pemoline [602]
Patrik Sinkewitz  Germany Cycling Testosterone [603]
Michael Skelde  Denmark Cycling Testosterone [604] (Danish)
Jesper Skibby  Denmark Cycling (self-admitted) [605] (Danish)
German Skurygin  Russia Race walking [606]
Ilona Slupianek  East Germany Athletics [607]
Lonnie Smith  United States Baseball Cocaine [608]
Michelle Smith (Michelle de Bruin)  Ireland Swimming Tampering with test [609]
Euzebiusz Smolarek  Poland Football Cannabis [610]
Carolin Soboll  Germany Athletics Nandrolone [611] [612]
Sergei Sokolov  Azerbaijan Football (soccer) Betamethasone [613]
Vasiliy Sokov  Uzbekistan Athletics Ephedrine [614]
Natallia Solohub  Belarus Athletics Norandrosterone [615]
Song Liqing  China Athletics [616]
Lary Sorensen  United States Baseball Cocaine [617]
Javier Sotomayor  Cuba Athletics Cocaine [618]
Zinaida Stahurskaya  Belarus Cycling stanozolol, testosterone [619]
Jaap Stam  Netherlands Football (soccer) Nandrolone [620]
Vanya Stambolova  Bulgaria Athletics Testosterone [621] [622] [623]
Roger Stanislaus  England Football (soccer) Cocaine [624]
Claudia Stef (Claudia Iovan)  Romania Athletics Nandrolone [625]
Astrid Strauss  East Germany Swimming [626]
Darryl Strawberry  United States Baseball Cocaine [627]
Jamal Strong  United States Baseball [628]
Jamie Stuart  England Football (soccer) Cocaine, marijuana [629]
Dana Stubblefield  United States American football THG [630]
Mike Stulce  United States Athletics Testosterone [631]
Sui Xinmei  China Athletics Steroids [632]
Sun Hongfeng  China Athletics Norandrosterone [633]
Sun Yingjie  China Athletics Androsterone [634]
S Sunaina  India Weightlifting Nandrolone [635]
Lars Sundin  Sweden Athletics Testosterone [636] (Swedish)
Göran Svensson  Sweden Athletics Testosterone [637] (Swedish)
Lucketz Swartbooi  Namibia Athletics Prednisolone
(only given public warning)
Tim Sylvia  United States Mixed martial arts Stanozolol [639]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Gregory Tafralis  United States Athletics Methandienone [640]
Ibrahim Tanko  Ghana Football (soccer) Tetrahydrocannabinol [641]
Anissa Tann  Australia Football (soccer) Nandrolone [642]
Alvaro Tardaguila  Argentina Cycling r-EPO [643]
Angella Taylor-Issajenko  Canada Athletics [644]
Irina Tchachina  Russia Rhythmic gymnastics Furosemide [645]
Ana Mirela Termure  Romania Athletics Norandrosterone [646]
Than Kyi Kyi  Myanmar Weightlifting Diuretic [647]
Ekaterini Thanou  Greece Athletics Missed tests [648]
Cheryl Thibedeau  Canada Athletics Anabolic steroids [649]
Eric Thomas  United States Athletics
(only given public warning)
Tammy Thomas  United States Cycling Testosterone [651]
Susen Tiedtke  Germany Athletics [652]
Khalid Tighazouine  Morocco Athletics Nandrolone [653] [654]
Ville Tiisanoja  Finland Athletics [655]
Egor Titov  Russia Football (soccer) Bromantan [656]
James Toney  United States Boxing Nandrolone [657]
Dragutin Topić  Serbia and Montenegro Athletics Nandrolone [658]
Kevin Toth  United States Athletics THG [659]
Mark Tout  United Kingdom Bobsleigh Stanozolol [660]
Silvana Trampuz  Australia Athletics Nandrolone [661]
Marina Trandenkova  Russia Athletics Bromantan [662]
Maria Tsirba  Greece Athletics [663]
Markku Tuokko  Finland Athletics [664]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Romas Ubartas  Lithuania Athletics [665] (Swedish)
Jan Ullrich  Germany Cycling Amphetamine [666]
Alexander Urinov  Uzbekistan Weightlifting Cannabis [667]
Binnaz Uslu  Turkey Athletics Testosterone [668]
Albeiro Usuriaga  Colombia Football (soccer) Cocaine [669]
Jaanus Uudmäe  Estonia Athletics Sibutramine
(only given public warning)


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Martti Vainio  Finland Athletics Metenolone [671]
Jorge Váldez  Paraguay Football (soccer) Coca [672]
Frank Vandenbroucke  Belgium Cycling [673] (self-admitted)
Zlatan Vanev  Bulgaria Weightlifting Tampering with test [674]
Roland Varga  Hungary Athletics Boldenone [675]
Fernando Vargas  United States Boxing Anabolic Steroids [676]
Kaisa Varis  Finland Cross-country skiing Erythropoietin (EPO) [677]
Aleksandr Vashchilo  Belarus Athletics [678]
Dmitry Vassiliev  Russia Ski jumping Furosemide [679]
Venelina Veneva  Bulgaria Athletics Testosterone [680] [681] [682]
Anna Verouli  Greece Athletics Nandrolone [683]
Michael Viau  Canada Weightlifting Anabolic steroids [684]
Ioan Vieru  Romania Athletics [685]
Pieter de Villiers  France Rugby union Cocaine, ecstasy [686]
Alexander Vinokourov  Kazakhstan Cycling Blood doping [687]
Roman Virastyuk  Ukraine Athletics [688] (Swedish)
Richard Virenque  France Cycling [689]
Nadezhda Vorobyeva  Russia Athletics [690]
Letitia Vriesde  Suriname Athletics Caffeine [691]
Nadejda Vyzotskaya  Belarus Gymnastics Furosemide [692]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Larry Wade  United States Athletics 19-Norandrosterone [693]
Graham Wagg  England Cricket Cocaine [694]
Achim Walcher  Austria Cross-country skiing Blood transfusion [695]
Erick Walder  United States Athletics Amphetamine
Alexander Walke  Germany Football (soccer) Tetrahydrocannabinol [697]
Douglas Walker  Scotland Athletics Nandrolone [698]
Wang Lina  China Athletics Norandrosterone [699]
Wang Wei  China Swimming Clenbuterol [700]
Solomon Wariso  England Athletics Ephedrine [701]
Shane Warne  Australia Cricket Diuretics [702]
Claudell Washington  United States Baseball Cocaine [703]
Wei Yanan  China Athletics [704]
Renward Wells  Bahamas Athletics [705]
Kelli White  United States Athletics THG [706]
Janine Whitlock  United Kingdom Athletics methandienone [707]
Mats Wilander  Sweden Tennis Cocaine [708]
Michał Wilk  Poland Powerlifting [709] (Norwegian)
Bernard Williams  United States Athletics Cannabis [710]
Desai Williams  Canada Athletics [711]
Ricky Williams  United States American football Cannabis, other drugs [712]
Derek Woodske  Canada Athletics Refusal to submit to doping control [713]
Jesper Worre  Denmark Cycling amineptine [714]
Wu Yanyan  China Swimming [715]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Abel Xavier  Portugal Football (soccer) Methandienone (Dianabol) [716]
Xiong Guoming  China Swimming Clenbuterol [717]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Oksana Yarygina  Russia Athletics Metandienone (Dianabol) [718]
Yevgenia Yermakova  Kazakhstan Swimming Diuretic [719]
Jerome Young  United States Athletics [720]
Deeja Youngquist  United States Athletics r-EPO [721]


Name Country Sport Banned substance Reference
Erik Zabel  Germany Cycling EPO (self-admitted) [722]
Aziz Zakari  Ghana Athletics Stanozolol [723]
Faat Zakirov  Russia Cycling NESP [724]
Carmen Zamfir  Romania Athletics [725]
Zhang Yuhong  China Athletics Methyltestosterone [726]
Nina Zhivanevskaya  Russia Swimming Bromantan [727]
Khalid Zoubaa  France Athletics EPO [728]
Alex Zülle  Switzerland Cycling EPO [729]
Ellina Zvereva  Belarus Athletics Steroids [730]
Arthur Zwane  South Africa Football (soccer) Methyl-testosterone [731]
Tara Zwink  United States Snowboarding Marijuana [732]


Horse Jockey Country Banned substance Reference
ABC Landliebe Cian O'Connor  Ireland Fluphenazine,
Ooh Aah Camara Norton  Ireland Phenylbutazone,
Waterford Crystal Cian O'Connor  Ireland Fluphenazine,

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