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List of light sources


This is a list of sources of light, including both natural and artificial sources, and both processes and devices.




  • Astronomical objects
    • Stars
    • Star clusters
    • Galaxies
    • Nebulae
    • quasars
    • accretion disks
  • Bioluminescence
    • Glowworms (Arachnocampa and Phengodidae) and Fireflies (Lampyridae)
    • Aequorea victoria (a type of jellyfish)
    • Antarctic krill
    • Lux operon
  • Lightning
  • Aurorae
  • Sunlight (Solar radiation)
    • Skylight
    • Moonlight (via reflection)
    • planets, particularly Venus (via reflection)
    • comets (via reflection)
    • meteors (via reflection) of a meteoroid
    • meteor showers (via reflection)
    • asteroids (via reflection)
    • asteroid showers (via reflection)
  • Triboluminescence
  • Magma, plasma
  • Body of water (via reflection of moonlight and sunlight)

Direct chemical


See also: Combustion
  • Argon flash
  • Acetylene/Carbide lamps
  • Betty lamp
  • Butter lamp
  • Candles
  • Fire
  • Gas lighting
  • Kerosene lamps
  • Lanterns
  • Limelights
  • Oil lamps
  • Rushlights
  • Safety lamps
    • Davy lamps
    • Geordie lamps
  • Torches


Arc lamps

Main article: Arc lamp
  • Yablochkov candles

Incandescent lamps

See also: Incandescence
  • Carbon button lamp
  • Conventional incandescent light bulbs
    • Flashlight
  • Globar
  • Nernst lamp

Electroluminescent (EL) lamps

Main article: Electroluminescence

LED / semiconductor

Gas discharge lamps


Main article: Gas discharge lamp

High-intensity discharge lamps

Main article: High-intensity discharge lamp



See also

  • Photometry (optics) Main Photometry/Radiometry article - explains technical terms
  • Spectrometer
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