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Myristoleic acid

Myristoleic acid
IUPAC name (Z)-Tetradec-9-enoic acid
Other names 9-Tetradecenoic acid
9-cis-Tetradecenoic acid
cis5-Tetradecenoic acid
Myristolenic acid
Oleomyristic acid
CAS number 544-64-9
PubChem 5281119
Molecular formula C14H26O2
Molar mass 226.36
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materials in their standard state
(at 25 °C, 100 kPa)

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Myristoleic acid, or 9-tetradecenoic acid, is an omega-5 fatty acid. It is biosynthesized from myristic acid by the enzyme delta-9 desaturase, but it is uncommon in nature.[1] One of the major sources of this fatty acid is the seed oil from plants of the genus Myristicaceae, comprising up to 30 per cent of the oil in some species.[2]


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