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New Millennium Concepts

Targeted consumers

The Berkey® systems are mainly advertised with outdoorsmen, health conscious individuals, emergency relief and preparedness organizations as their targeted consumers. Berkey systems are not manufactured by British Berkefeld nor Doulton. British Berkefeld is the "Original".


  • Sport Berkey® - a portable sport bottle
  • Travel Berkey® - designed to be used outdoors, especially for camping
  • Berkey Light™ - a see-through Travel Berkey® with an optional illuminated base (illuminated by an internal LED Light), which makes it easy to see in total darkness
  • The Big Berkey®/Imperial Berkey®/ Royal Berkey®/and Crown Berkey® - the largest of the Berkey® systems; are offered with either filtration elements or with purification elements. The only difference is the size of these systems and the number of elements each can hold (Big Berkey® is 2.25 gallons and holds 4 elements, Royal Berkey® is 3.0 gallons and holds 4 elements,Imperial Berkey® is 4.5 gallons and holds 6 elements, and the Crown Berkey® is a 6 gallon system and holds 8 elements. The "Purifier" versions of the above four systems utilize Black Berkey® purification enements. The "filter" versions of the above four systems utilize ceramic elements manufactured by British Berkefeld®. Additionally New Millennium offers a British Berkefeld® 2.25 gallon system that contains four elements and is manufactured by Doulton.
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