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Niobocene dichloride

Niobocene dichloride
Systematic name Dichlorobis(η5-cyclopentadienyl)-
Other names Niobocene dichloride
Molecular formula C10H1oCl2Nb
Molar mass 294 g/mol
Appearance brown solid
CAS number [12793-14-5]
Density and phase
Solubility in water insoluble
Other solvents sparingly in chlorocarbons
Melting point
Boiling point dec.
R/S statement R: 36/37/38 S: 26-36
RTECS QU0400000
Related compounds Cp2TiCl2


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Niobocene dichloride, formally dichlorobis(η5-Cyclopentadienyl)niobium(IV), is the chemical compound with the formula (C5H5)2NbCl2 or Cp2NbCl2. This paramagnetic brown solid is a useful starting reagent. It is being investigated as an anti-cancer agent.[1]

The compound is a pseudotetrahedral with two cyclopentadienyl and two chloro substituents attached to the metal. A variety of similar compounds are known, including Cp2TiCl2.

It is prepared via a multistep reaction beginning with reductive alkylation of niobium pentachloride with cyclopentadienylsodium:[2]

NbCl5 + 6 NaC5H5 → 5 NaCl + (C5H5)4Nb + organic products
(C5H5)4Nb + 2 HCl + 0.5 O2) → [{C5H5)2NbCl}2O]Cl2 + 2 C5H6
2 HCl + [{(C5H5)2NbCl}2O]Cl2 + SnCl2 → 2 (C5H5)2NbCl2 + SnCl4 + H2O


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