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Oil Yellow DE

  Oil Yellow DE, also known as Solvent Yellow 56 and C.I. 11021, is a synthetic greenish-yellow azo dye. It has the appearance of reddish yellow powder with melting point of 168 °C. Chemically it is N,N-diethyl-p-(phenylazo)aniline, C16H19N3.

It is used to dye hydrocarbon solvents, oils, fats and waxes, notably petrol, mineral oil and shoe polishes, and polystyrene resins. In pyrotechnics, it is used in some yellow colored smokes.

Its structure is similar to Solvent Yellow 124, used as a fuel dye in European Union, and to Aniline Yellow.

Its CAS number is [2481-94-9] and its SMILES structure is CCN(CC)c1ccc(N=Nc2ccccc2)cc1. Its EINECS number is 219-616-8.

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