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Potassium hexafluorophosphate

Potassium hexafluorophosphate
IUPAC name Potassium hexafluorophosphate
CAS number 17084-13-8
Molecular formula F6KP
Molar mass 184.06
Appearance colourless solid
Density 2.75 g/mL
Melting point

575 °C

Solubility in water 0.432M (25 °C)
Main hazards toxic
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for
materials in their standard state
(at 25 °C, 100 kPa)

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Potassium hexafluorophosphate is the chemical compound with the formula KPF6. This colourless salt consists of potassium cations and hexafluorophosphate anions. It is prepared by the reaction: [1]

PCl5 + KCl + 6 HF → KPF6 + 6 HCl

This exothermic reaction is conducted in liquid hydrogen fluoride. The salt is stable in hot alkaline aqueous solution, from which it can be recrystallized. The sodium and ammonium salts are more soluble in water whereas the rubidium and caesium salts are less so.

KPF6 is a common laboratory source of the hexafluorophosphate anion, used to confer lipophilicity to certain salts.


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