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Quickfit apparatus

See also: Laboratory glassware

Quickfit is the brand of laboratory glassware which contain ground glass joints.

These joints can also be held together with joint clips (more correctly Keck clips). These clips are usually color coded. For example, orange clips are for size 32, green clips are for size 24 , blue for size 19, and yellow for size 14 joints.


  1. Pear shaped flask, 50 ml
  2. Stillhead
  3. Liebig condenser
  4. Screwcap adapter
  5. Receiver adapter
  6. Thermometer
  7. Dropping funnel, 50 ml, with Rotaflo tap
  8. Stopper
  9. Air leak / steam inlet tube
  10. Round bottom flask, 25 ml
  11. Air condenser / drying tube
  12. Sintered glass funnel
  13. Drying tube
  14. Pear shaped flask, 50 ml, with angled side neck
  15. Air leak / steam inlet tube
  16. Adapter with 'T' connection
  17. Screwcap adapter
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