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Sabri Ergun

Sabri Ergun (1 March 1918 in Turkey - 18 February 2006) was a chemical engineer.

He is widely recognized for his enthusiasm and many contributions to the fields of chemical engineering and solid state physics.

Ergun Equation

The Ergun Equation is a correlation derived by Ergun in 1952 for the friction factor in a column as a function of the Reynolds number:

f_p = \frac {150}{Re_p} + 1.75

where fp and Rep are defined as

f_p = \frac{\Delta p}{L} \frac{D_p}{\rho V_s^2} (\frac{\epsilon^3}{1-\epsilon}) and Re_p = \frac{D_p V_s \rho}{(1-\epsilon)\mu}

where: Δp is the pressure drop across the bed,
L is the length of the bed (not the column),
Dp is the equivalent spherical diameter of the packing,
ρ is the density of fluid,
μ is the dynamic viscosity of the fluid,
Vs is the superficial velocity (i.e. the velocity that the fluid would have through the empty tube at the same volumetric flow rate), and
ε is the void fraction of the bed.


Flow through packed beds

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