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Toho Tenax Co., Ltd., Japan

In 1975 our company began mass-producing the PAN-based carbon fiber TENAX, and has since established itself as the world's leading carbon fiber manufacturer. more

ADVANSA BV, Netherlands

Build lasting, profitable partner relationships along the value chain, by bringing added value to our customers through advanced & sustainable polyester technology and brands more

Barnet Europe W. Barnet GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Barnet Europe is the European affiliate of William Barnet & Son, LLC. We buy, supply, process and recycle fibres, polymers and yarns. more

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  • Disposable masks could be used to improve concrete

    With the pervasive single-use masks during the pandemic now presenting an environmental problem, researchers have demonstrated the idea of incorporating old masks into a cement mixture to create stronger, more durable concrete.  In a paper published in the journal, Materials Letters, a Washington St more

  • Replacement of Toxic Chemicals in the Manufacture of Tires and Conveyor Belts

    The quality of composite systems made of cords of high-strength fibers such as polyester, aramid or polyamide and matrix materials of rubber is largely determined by the adhesion properties of the fibers to the matrix. In the established manufacturing process, adhesion promoters made of resorcinol-f more

  • Biofuels from the brewery?

    Home brewing enthusiasts and major manufacturers alike experience the same result of the beer-making process: mounds of leftover grain. Once all the flavor has been extracted from barley and other grains, what's left is a protein- and fiber-rich powder that is typically used in cattle feed or put in more

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Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber Synthetic fibres are the result of extensive research by scientist s to improve upon naturally occurring animal and plant fibre s used in making cloth and rope . In general, synthetic (manmade) fibres are created by forcing, ... more


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