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Alpha Calcit Füllstoff GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Alpha Calcit Füllstoffgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is one of the leading suppliers of white fillers to numerous industries in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia. The company, which is rich in tradition, was founded in 1919 and has since been run as a purely family-owned enterprise now in its 3rd generation. more

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Germany

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company and operates in all important markets of the world. Its core business comprises the development, manufacture and sale of high-tech plastics, high-performance rubber, specialty chemicals and intermediates. In addition, it helps its customers in the dev more

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  • Clariant announces further investment in new China flame retardants facility for E-mobility and E&E applications

    Clariant will create a second production line at its new CHF 60 million state of the art facility for Exolit OP halogen-free flame retardants currently under construction in Daya Bay, China. This additional CHF 40 million investment will further expand access to innovative and sustainable fire prote more

  • Toxins in old toys an obstacle for circular economy

    Letting children play with hand-me-down plastic toys could constitute a health risk. When researchers at the University of Gothenburg tested a large number of old toys and dress-up items made of plastic, 84 per cent of the items were found to contain toxins that can disrupt growth and development an more

  • BASF and THOR GmbH fight fire together

    BASF and THOR GmbH are combining their expertise in non-halogenated flame retardant additives to provide customers with a comprehensive solution that will enhance the sustainability and performance for specific plastic compounds, as well as meet stringent fire safety requirements. Flame retardancy i more

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The Chemical Elements of a Smartphone

There are an isolated few graphics online that look at elements involved in the manufacture of a smartphone – for example, this ‘Periodic Table of iPhones’ – but there’s actually remarkably little easily accessible information out there that details the specific compounds used for specific purposes more


Brominated flame retardant

Brominated flame retardant Brominated flame retardants are produced synthetically in 70 variants with very varying chemical properties. There are several groups: * polybrominated diphenyl ether or PBDE (DecaBDE , OctaBDE , PentaBDE ), * polybro ... more


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