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LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Germany

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company and operates in all important markets of the world. Its core business comprises the development, manufacture and sale of high-tech plastics, high-performance rubber, specialty chemicals and intermediates. In addition, it helps its customers in the dev more

AP Chemicals N.V., Belgium

AP Chemicals NV is a corporation specialised in chemical trading, distribution and processing worldwide. The company was founded on July 1989 with offices based in Belgium and the Netherlands. more

Agrospec, Chile


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  • Artificial intelligence to help protect bees from pesticides

    Researchers in the Oregon State University College of Engineering have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to help protect bees from pesticides. Cory Simon, assistant professor of chemical engineering, and Xiaoli Fern, associate professor of computer science, led the project, which involv more

  • Microscopic crop protection

    Every year, fungal diseases of grapevines cause a loss of one billion euros. Conventional plant protection agents are largely powerless in combating them. A planned spin-off of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) is now to further develop research into sustainable, microtechnology- more

  • LANXESS acquires biocides specialist

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is expanding its position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of biocides and antimicrobials by acquiring French company INTACE SAS. The Paris-based biocide company is a manufacturer of specialty fungicides for the packaging industry. LANXESS and the selle more

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Benzimidazole fungicide

Benzimidazole fungicide Uses Also called MBC-fungicides, these were the first fungicides to be used to control eyespot in Europe from around 1974. Another use is against Sclerotinia in Oilseed Rape . Examples *Benomyl *Carbendazim *Thiopha ... more


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