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L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH, Germany

L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH (Ennigerloh, Germany) is a global manufacturer of processing and handling equipment for pharmaceutical solid dosage manufacturing, with products ranging from film coaters and blending systems to high shear granulators and containment systems. The company is repr more

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BRC – Compactor & Granulator for Pharmaceutical Production

With the BRC compactor Bohle offers their customers machines for all stages of the granulation process in proven Bohle quality more

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  • New additions to Malvern Process Systems range

    Malvern Instruments has added a new range of particle measurement systems to its portfolio of analyzers for in-process applications. Parsum in-line particle probes are specifically designed to measure larger particles up to 2.5 mm in a wide variety of processes, including chemicals and food products more

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BRC – Compactor & Granulator for Pharmaceutical Production

Continuous processes with dry granulationDry granulation often is the process of choice for high-volume or moisture-sensitive products. The BRC Granulator by Bohle is suited for continuous production and offers the possibility of integrating Process Analytical Technology (PAT).The benefits of the BR more

Publications Granulators

  • Scaling of Continuous Twin Screw Wet Granulation

    Abstract Scaling rules were developed and tested for a continuous twin screw wet granulation process using three scales (11mm, 16mm and 24mm barrel diameter) of twin screw granulators (TSG). The distributive feed screw (DFS) configuration used produced high porosity granules (50‐60%) with broad more

  • Equipment and technology development in compound fertilizer production plants

    Designs and conditions of operation of various types of equipment employable in compound fertilizer plants are proposed. Tube reactors which preclude crust formation on their inner surface, drum granulators-driers with simultaneous delivery of pulp varying in acidity, jalousie-type apparatus with a more

  • Numerical and experimental study on spout elevation in spout‐fluidized beds

    Abstract The effect of elevating the spout on the dynamics of a spout‐fluidized bed, both numerically and experimentally is studied. The experiments were conducted in a pseudo‐two‐dimensional (2‐D) and a cylindrical three dimensional (3‐D) spout‐fluidized bed, where positron emission particle tra more

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