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  • Molecules change shape when wet

    Broadband rotational spectroscopy unravels structural reshaping of isolated molecules in the gas phase to accommodate water Researchers around Melanie Schnell from the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter at CFEL and from the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging (CUI) show more

  • A single ion impacts a million water molecules

    Water is simple and complex at the same time. A single water molecule (H2O) is made up of only 3 atoms. Yet the collective behavior of water molecules is unique and continues to amaze us. Water molecules are linked together by hydrogen bonds that break and form several thousands of billions of times more

  • Increasing substrate selectivity through encapsulation

    Italian chemists have come up with a homogenous catalytic system that displays substrate selectivity by developing an encapsulated catalyst that mimics enzymes to selectively hydrate one alkyne over a mixture of others. The scientists encapsulated an NHC-Au(I) catalyst within a supramolecular host t more

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Hydration reaction

Hydration reaction In organic chemistry , a hydration reaction is a chemical reaction in which a hydroxyl group (OH-) and a hydrogen cation (an acid ic proton ) are added to the two carbon atom s bond ed together in the carbon-carbon doubl ... more


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