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Hydrazine Hydrate

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  • Graphene: Singles and the few

    A timely review analyzing the correlation of synthesis methods and physical properties of single-layer and few-layered graphene flakes. A review of methods used for synthesizing both single and few-layer graphene and the resulting properties is presented by C.N.R. Rao and colleagues at the Jawaharla more

  • LANXESS increases prices for hydrazine hydrate

    LANXESS is to increase prices worldwide for its hydrazine hydrate, Levoxin and dihydrazine product groups by 10 percent, effective July 1, 2010. These price increases are made necessary by the strong rise in raw material costs along with more expensive energy and logistics charges. more

  • LANXESS streamlines global production network

    LANXESS AG has taken further steps to streamline its global production network and thus reduce operating costs in the face of the economic crisis and competitive business environment. The specialty chemicals group has sold its 55 percent stake in the hydrazine hydrate joint venture LANXESS Yaxing (W more

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