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  • This bacterium gets paid in gold

    A bacterium named Moorella thermoacetica won't work for free. But UC Berkeley researchers have figured out it has an appetite for gold. And in exchange for this special treat, the bacterium has revealed a more efficient path to producing solar fuels through artificial photosynthesis. M. thermoacetic more

  • Molecular imaging hack makes cameras 'faster'

    A new Rice University technique grabs images of chemical processes that happen faster than most laboratory cameras are able to capture them. The technique, super temporal resolution microscopy (STReM), allows researchers to view and gather useful information about fluorescing molecules at a frame ra more

  • From super to ultra-resolution microscopy

    Proteins mostly do not work in isolation but rather make up larger complexes like the molecular machines that enable cells to communicate with each other, move cargo around in their interiors or replicate their DNA. Our ability to observe and track each individual protein within these machines is cr more

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Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging

Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging is a peer-reviewed scientific journal , published in the United Kingdom since 2006 by John Wiley & Sons . In six issues per year, it publishes articles in the ... more


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