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HAMILTON Bonaduz AG, Switzerland

We manufacture products to handle smallest amounts of liquids. Microliter syringes, pipettes, dilutors, pipetting robots, complete analysers as well as electrodes, HPLC and GC columns belong to our assortment. more

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  • Spiky ferrofluid thrusters can move satellites

    Brandon Jackson, a doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University, has created a new computational model of an electrospray thruster using ionic liquid ferrofluid -- a promising technology for propelling small satellites through space. Specifically, Jackson looks a more

  • Supercomputers join search for 'cheapium'

    In the search for cheaper materials that mimic their purer, more expensive counterparts, researchers are abandoning hunches and intuition for theoretical models and pure computing power. In a new study, researchers from Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering used computational methods to iden more

  • Electrical control of single atom magnets

    The energy needed to change the magnetic orientation of a single atom – which determines its magnetic stability and therefore its usefulness in a variety of future device applications – can be modified by varying the atom's electrical coupling to nearby metals. This striking result was published in more

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Needle ice

Needle ice Needle ice is a phenomenon that occurs when the temperature of the soil is above 0°C and the surface temperature of the soil is below 0°C. The subterranean moisture is brought to the surface via capillary action . The ice needles are ... more


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