20-Mar-2020 - Beiersdorf AG

Beiersdorf provides 500 tons of disinfectant in Europe

Beiersdorf ramps up productions of medical grade disinfectants within its European production network to support the society’s collective fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In a first step, Beiersdorf AG will provide 500 tons of the urgently needed disinfectants to critical public emergency services and personnel. The medical hand sanitizers are produced in the company’s production plants in Hamburg, Waldheim (Saxony/Germany) and Tres Cantos near Madrid, Spain.

In close coordination with the local authorities, distribution is initially primarily to clinics and hospitals, medical and nursing staff, as well as other public services on the basis of concrete supply needs. The aim is to ensure the fastest and most efficient delivery of sanitizers directly from the plant to the emergency personnel.

Beiersdorf had already created the technical prerequisites for the production of disinfectants at the production sites last week and is now starting serial production.

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