30-Sep-2021 - OQ Chemicals GmbH

OQ Chemicals Declares Force Majeure

Implements Sales Control on Oberhausen-Produced Products

Due to a technical problem in a third-party synthesis gas unit at the Oberhausen, Germany, site, raw materials to OQ Chemicals are currently restricted. During a regular inspection, a leakage was detected at the cylinder block in the area of the valves. Unfortunately, the compressor had to be taken out of service for safety reasons to perform immediate repairs off-site. As a result, OQ Chemicals cannot produce at target rates.

As the cause for the supply restrictions is outside OQ Chemicals’ immediate control, the company has to declare force majeure for n- & iso-Butyraldehyde, Propionaldehyde, 2- Ethylhexanol, n- & iso-Butanol, and n-Butyl Acetate, with immediate effect. OQ Chemicals will therefore be unable to make deliveries of these products as scheduled. Available volumes will be allocated in a fair and reasonable manner.

Concurrently, OQ Chemicals will be issuing a Sales Control program for Oberhausen-produced products. The company is using all reasonable efforts to mitigate the effects of this incident and to limit the impact on its customers. OQ Chemicals will keep customers regularly informed of its status and ability to schedule deliveries.

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