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Diversified CPC Acquires Pure Chem Separation Furthering its Sustainable Refrigerant Recycling Business


Diversified CPC, International Inc. (DCPC), a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation of America announced the acquisition of Pure Chem Separation, L.P. (PCS). The new entity will be known as Diversified Pure Chem, LLC. In the deal, DCPC has acquired substantially all the assets of PCS.

According to, William N. Auriemma, President & CEO, DCPC, “ This acquisition expands DCPC’s reach into the fluorocarbon refrigerant markets, with a focus on recycle and reuse. Diversified Pure Chem (DPC) will continue to expand and develop its refrigerant recycle and reprocessing capabilities, in support of the EPA’s intent to create sustainable refrigerant recycling businesses. With that in mind, DPC is acquiring the tallest, high pressure fractional distillation column for separating mixed refrigerants, in this industry. This will uniquely position DPC to separate large quantities of R-22, in addition to high-pressure mixtures, like R-410a.”

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