Univar Ireland wins National Safety Award

07-Jan-2013 - Netherlands

Univar Inc. announced it has been recognised by the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) which has awarded it a distinction for high standards of health and safety at the 21st Annual Occupational Safety Awards 2012.

“Univar is committed to operating with integrity, and health and safety is an important part of that, so it is a great pleasure to be recognized by the NISO for our work in this area,” said Phil Hockaday, Univar’s environment, health, safety, and quality director EMEA.

This is Univar Ireland’s sixth year entering the NISO awards where it has been every year, with 2012 being the second consecutive year the company has received a distinction award.

NISO, established in 1963, is the leading body providing training and advice in the area of workplace health and safety in Ireland. The annual awards held by the non-profit organisation are open to all companies and businesses operating in a wide variety of different industries including construction, agriculture and waste management.

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