10-Apr-2014 - Hellma GmbH & Co. KG

Spring conference of Spectaris at Hellma Analytics

This year’s spring conference of the Spectaris Human Resources Management Group (Spectaris = German Hightech Industry Association) was held at Hellma Analytics.

Several current subjects from the agenda were discussed with regard to practical experiences e.g. how modern recruiting is like as a result of demographic change. Another key aspect was the subject of talented employees’ development.

In the course of the conference, a tour of the premises was organized – the participants had the chance to take a closer look at Hellma Analytics’ manufacturing processes, which was met with utmost interest. The visitors were impressed especially by the high precision of the optical production.

“The conference was very interesting ensuring a lively exchange of knowledge. We were able to gather suggestions and ideas for our human resources activities at Hellma Analytics”, Mr. Heisterkamp, Hellma Analytics’ Commercial Director, says.

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