DuPont utilizes Agilent Technologies' gene expression to gain better understanding of plant growth stages


DuPont will gain a better understanding of genes responsible for triggering and controlling complex plant processes through a new relationship with Agilent Technologies Inc. and Rosetta Biosoftware.

Researchers at Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., a subsidiary of DuPont headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, will use microarray and informatics systems from Agilent and Rosetta in their plant genomics research to construct a series of snapshots of how genes express themselves during specific stages of a plant's life. Gaining a better understanding of plant function will enable Pioneer to continue to accelerate the product breakthroughs and improvements it brings to farmers each growing season.

Agilent will provide Pioneer with its customized offering of DNA microarrays and related services and microarray reagents under Agilent's Custom Microarray Program. Pioneer will analyze the microarray data using the Rosetta Resolver(r) system, distributed exclusively through Agilent.

"These are powerful technologies made all the more powerful by their use at Pioneer," said Tony Cavalieri, vice president and director, Trait and Technology Development for Pioneer. "The combination of these tools, Pioneer's superior germplasm and our established genomics programs will provide our researchers with significant advantages. We will expand and deepen our understanding of gene expression in plants, enabling us to improve our products' performance and develop new products for our customers."

The Agilent and Rosetta Biosoftware systems provide another tool in Pioneer's genomics program and will contribute to Pioneer's strengths in such areas as proteomics, biochemistry and physiology. Pioneer was the first agricultural plant genetics company to enter into the field of genomics for product development. Pioneer has gene sequence information for approximately 80 percent of the genes in corn.

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