Dow to transfer polyurethanes gloves business to YTY


The Dow Chemical Company and Malaysia-based YTY Industry Sdn Bhd have signed an agreement for the transfer of the Dow INTACTA* Performance polymers polyurethane gloves business to YTY. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"We are very pleased with this agreement and see it as a logical evolution of Dow's gloves business. Dow will focus on its core strengths, and continue to supply YTY with the polyurethane polymers and technology required to produce the gloves; while YTY will leverage its expertise in manufacturing and marketing to further grow the business globally," said Greg McDaniel, new business development director of Dow Polyurethanes.

YTY Industry has contract manufactured polyurethane gloves for Dow since October 2000. Since commercial production of the polyurethane gloves commenced in January 2001, exports to North America, Europe and Japan have grown steadily, and continue to expand to new markets.

"We are seeing strong demand for Dow's INTACTA polyurethane gloves, especially from the medical exam, dental and cleanroom/critical environment customers, where durability, comfort and protection from natural rubber latex protein allergies are critical," said Oh Tiam Sing, managing director at YTY Industry. "Without a doubt, these gloves will nicely complement our existing gloves line, offering our customers more choice. We look forward to growing this business rapidly and we are delighted to be maintaining our long-term relationship with Dow."

In response to growing concerns about natural rubber latex (NRL)-related allergies, Dow developed INTACTA performance polymers for use in latex-free gloves. The polymers' success rests in Dow's proprietary aqueous-based polyurethane dispersion chemistry. INTACTA polyurethane gloves are not manufactured with rubber latex, solvents, plasticizers or chemical crosslinkers. Dow's patented manufacturing process paved the way for the use of polyurethanes gloves in medical examination and dental applications, where they eliminate the risk of Type 1 allergic reactions to natural rubber latex proteins and significantly reduce Type IV allergic reactions to chemical crosslinkers or accelerators. More recently, polyurethane gloves have been protecting cleanrooms and critical environments from costly process contamination. In all applications, INTACTA polyurethane gloves offer benefits such as outstanding durability, fit, feel and comfort.

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