01-Aug-2003 - Waters GmbH

Waters Corporation Announces Acquisition of Creon Lab Control

Waters to Offer Total Lab Informatics Suite with Complementary Technologies

Waters Corporation announced it has successfully completed the acquisition of Creon Lab Control (CLC) of Cologne, Germany for approximately $16 million. CLC has been a privately held company with a legacy specializing in Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) solutions and expected 2003 sales of approximately $10 million. This acquisition is expected to have no material impact on Waters earnings for 2003. Most recently, CLC has introduced the Q-DIS/DRAGON(TM) products for Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) and the Q-DIS/PANDA(TM) products for Laboratory Data Management Software (LDMS).

Waters sees the ELN and LDMS applications as complementary technologies that when integrated with Waters Empower(TM) Chromatography Software and MassLynx 4.0 Software applications provide the basis for a total lab informatics solution from one vendor-Waters.

"The acquisition of CLC provides Waters with a broader portfolio of technology and products to help users manage lab information," said Art Caputo, President of the Waters Division of Waters Corporation. "We have taken a major step in strengthening our position as the partner of choice for the analytical marketplace. CLC's products will extend Waters market-leading position in data management software to deliver the most comprehensive and integrated solutions for today's labs."

As the analytical market generates huge volumes of data, customers are challenged not just generating and processing this data but mining it appropriately, as well as presenting consolidated information to management and regulatory agencies. The synergy between Waters robust tools and CLC's inventive products benefits scientists challenged with acquiring, analyzing, managing and distributing HPLC, MS and other relevant data. Bringing these two companies together enables scientists to have powerful and consistent tools in a lab environment.

"We see the combination of Waters and CLC innovative software solutions as advantageous to us," stated Dr. Ruediger Iden, Senior Vice President of Research at BASF. "As we leverage our relationship with CLC, with the power of Waters behind them now, confirms we are working with a leading lab informatics solutions provider."

Moving forward, CLC will continue to offer their products and services to the marketplace while tightening their field sales association with Waters worldwide sales force. Development integration will continue to improve as both teams work to provide seamless access to laboratory information from wherever the user is located.

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