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At the K 2001, October 25th to November 1th, Clariant's pigments and additives Division is presenting its new products and developments for the plastics industry.

Micronised waxes for pigment concentrates

Ceridust®-Waxes, the proven micronised waxes from Clariant, have been optimised for the manufacture of pigment concentrates. With a mean particle size of 5 to 30µm, micronised waxes such as Ceridust 6071 or Ceridust 5551 are particularly suited for use as dispersion aids for pigment concentrates. For example, they significantly reduce the formation of pigment agglomerates thus enabling maximum pigment distribution. This also applies to classes of pigments which, up to now, could be processed only with great difficulty or which, because of their poor dispersability were totally unsuitable for manufacturing pigment concentrates.

Flame retardants for the electrical and electronics industry

Under the trade name Exolit RP, Clariant offers an extensive range of flame retardants based on red phosphorus including powder grades, dispersions and concentrates based on various substrates such as phenolic resins, polyamide 6 or LDPE. Other important areas of application are latices and thermosets. Products from the Exolit RP 69X-range provide the most effective flame retardants for polyamide 6.6. Improved concentrates (Exolit RP 69X-products) for polyamides for use in the electrical/electronics industry are also being presented. Besides outstanding flame retardancy, all Exolit RP-products offer maximum processing safety. Plastics incorporating them exhibit high tracking resistance and very good mechanical properties.

Multifunctional additive for polyamide fibres

Nylostab S-EED, an innovative HALS-compound from Clariant's Plastics Additives Business Line, is used as a multifunctional additive in polyamides. Due to its novel chemical structure, it combines the properties of a light stabiliser and an antioxidant and is an effective processing aid. The latter property, in particular, has proved to be very valuable in the manufacture of fibres. By lowering the shear force and torque, the melt stability is increased. The use of Nylostab S-EED thus results in fewer filament breaks during spinning as well as significantly better quality injection moulded and extruded articles. Furthermore, Nylostab S-EED improves the colourability and colour intensity of polyamide fibres.

Clariant introduces three new pigments

With PV Fast Yellow H9G VP 2430 Clariant introduces a new pigment chromophore, offering currently the purest and most green shade organic yellow with good all-round fastness properties available. This "High Performance Pigment" with Colour Index P.Y. 214 is easily dispersible and resistant to alkalis. Furthermore, its processing properties in HDPE at temperatures up to 280 °C are outstanding. The product is suitable for colouring PVC, polyolefins and styrene polymers.

PV Fast Red E7B VP 2464, a bluish red pigment with Colour Index P.R. 202, extends Clariant's range of quinacridone pigments. It is suitable for use in all plastics as a mass tone and tinting pigment. Of particular significance is its low solubility in the melt of polyamide and polyester. The product is distinguished by its excellent heat resistance, light and weather fastness. It is thus particularly suitable for colouring synthetic fibres for automotive applications.

PV Fast THI Red 4G VP 2499 from Clariant is a new very pure, yellowish red pigment. This innovative chromophore with Colour Index P.R. 279 is based on the chemical structure of thiazine indigo. It distinguishes it's self through its heat resistance, weathering and lightfastness properties. Furthermore, it does not induce warpage in polyolefinic resins.

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