08-Jun-2004 - Frost & Sullivan

Emerson Presented With Frost & Sullivan Award For Market Leadership In The European Industrial Flow Sensors Market

Frost & Sullivan has honoured Emerson Process Management with its Market Leadership Excellence Award in the European industrial flow sensors market. Emerson's complete range of advanced high-performance flowmeters has strong penetration across a broad spectrum of regional and application market sectors. Their flow technology, evident across multiple product ranges, and combined with impressive service focus and marketing expertise, have enabled Emerson to build its leadership position, reports Frost & Sullivan.

A dedicated focus on research and development of flowmeter and related field measurement technologies in separate product teams has enabled Emerson to enhance its extensive product line. By developing the flow technologies available, maintaining the overall objective of using direct digital communications within the PlantWeb architecture, the company has pioneered multivariable measurements from intelligent flow measurement devices. In this way the company has been able to enhance customer services and benefits, and maintain customer loyalty, even while increasing overall revenue. For instance, such technology innovation has allowed Emerson Process Management to gain significant revenue share in the fast developing, and high-growth Coriolis mass flow segment for both liquid and gas measurement.

Flow measurement technology within Emerson is not restricted to one product style, and the strength of the Emerson offering for flow customers is the breadth of techniques available. Many of these retain the product brands that have established customer loyalty in specific market areas, such as Daniel for oil and gas fiscal flow measurement solutions and services, Micro Motion for Coriolis mass flow metering, and Rosemount pressure measurement transmitters for application on orifice plate and pitot tube flowmetering systems. Emerson has also used its technology and skills to re-engineer established flow metering techniques such as electromagnetic and vortex shedding systems, adding digital communications and built-in intelligence.

Emerson is also named as 2004 Company of the Year award recipient for its leadership in the process control and automation industry as a whole. This award recognises that the company has demonstrated unparalleled excellence in terms of business development, competitive strategy, and customer service leadership within the industry. Emerson's continued success in deploying its PlantWeb(r) technologies and services that enable customers to increase process efficiency and positively impact their bottom line, clearly places the company as the industry leader.

By understanding the total customer requirement, and then adding further features to enhance performance monitoring, Emerson has built excellent customer satisfaction levels: this visionary leadership, leading to value-enhancing solutions for customers, is likely to ensure the company's sustained pace of growth.

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