30-Jul-2001 - MWG Biotech AG

Sales start of MWG-Biotech‘s new Pan® Chromosome 21 Array

The Pan® Chromosome 21 Array consists of 498 specific gene sequences and contains all genes known for chromosome 21, as well as additional gene sequences whose location is supposed to be on that chromosome.

A cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin around this new DNA chip confirmed the superiority of MWG-Biotech’s oligonucleotide DNA chip design applied in the Pan® Array Series. The high degree of adaptability of MWG-Biotech’s oligonucleotide spotting process allows for a totally flexible chip design that can be customized to meet all customer requirements within a very short time. Additionally, as demonstrated with the Pan® Chromosome 21 Array, chromosome sub sets can be adequately developed.

„With the Pan® Chromosome 21 Array MWG-Biotech has successfully established the Pan® Array principle for human applications. For this year we are planning the introduction of additional DNA chips on the human genome, especially a Pan® Array for cancer research and a Pan® Array with the complete human genome of 30.000 genes,“ says Michael Weichselgartner, CEO of MWG-Biotech.

The Pan® Chromosome 21 Array will be used for the investigation of chromosome 21 related diseases. The best known application in that field is the disease complex associated with Down Syndrome (DS), also called trisomy 21 or mongolism. DS currently affects one out of 700 live births in the population. DS research work centers especially on the complex of circulatory diseases as well as on a special form of leukemia often occurring in the context of DS. The Pan® Chromosome 21 Array is used to study gene expression profiles of DS, which are compared against the profiles of healthy people or patients with similar diseases but without DS. With the development of the Pan® Chromosome 21 Array MWG-Biotech hopes to contribute to a better understanding of disease genes located on that chromosome.

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