Borealis enhances information sharing and services through eBusiness

Borealis is committed to continuously develop and provide new, efficient ways of serving our customers. Among these is eBusiness, which is an integral part of our overall business strategy. As a result, Borealis is about to launch several new web-solutions providing easier access to existing as well as entirely new information and services. Today, customers have access to product information, data sheets, brochures, etc. on Borealis' web site Customers can access their Borealis account online via a secured web site. Here they can search and view their order history; view product availability; place new orders as well as change and track the progress of their existing orders. In the future, the Borealis Online Account will offer additional customer services. Information is real time, and product availability and delivery dates are confirmed online instantaneously. This is possible because Borealis is among the first to fully integrate Online Account to our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, SAP, upgraded to the latest standards. As a next step, we are preparing for direct integration of our SAP system with key customers' and suppliers’ ERP systems to further improve efficiency in transactions. Other upcoming services to be offered through include Vendor Managed Inventory with web-enabled monitoring of customers' stocks of Borealis materials and various technical services. Pilot customers have been thoroughly testing the different eBusiness solutions, which will soon be offered to more customers. Another possibility for doing business online with Borealis today is via ChemConnect, the largest global chemical and plastics exchange on the Internet, in which Borealis holds a stake. To further support Borealis’ strategy for growth and globalisation, information web sites are developed to serve specific target industries. Last year Borealis launched, a community web site for the rotomoulding industry and its associates. It offers a range of know-how on design, application, selection of material, moulds and machinery, processing and testing with contributions by key industry players. New features are Industry Watch and a Mould Swap Scheme, allowing rotomoulders to post offers and requests for moulds. Within the next year, Borealis expects that a significant portion of its sales and purchasing transactions will take place via eBusiness channels.

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