Startup of Arkema's new HC EVA Technical Polymer Plant in Balan (France)


Arkema has successfully brought on stream its new High Content Ethylene - vinyl acetate (HC EVA) copolymer production plant at its Balan facility (Ain, France), following a 47 million euro investment.

"Built in accordance with the best safety and quality standards, this plant will allow us to assist our customers' developments over the long term", explains Bernard Roche, Group President of Arkema's Technical Polymers Business Unit.

The safety equipment built into the process is based on the latest technologies, and particular attention has been given to the protection of the environment with the decision to install a thermal oxidiser to treat volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Located along a major logistic route, the Balan plant has the capacity to supply 35% of the European HC EVA market, and to export 30% of its production outside Europe, in particular to North America and Asia. The new plant has been designed to produce classic HC EVAs as well as very high content specialty EVAs. This investment should allow Arkema to pursue its development strategy in growth markets. Marketed under the tradename Evatane®, Arkema's HC EVA technical polymers are used in countless industrial applications, in particular for the manufacture of hotmelt glues, cables, and multilayer packaging film.

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