MediGene receives US-patent regarding cervical cancer vaccine


March 6, 2001. The German-American biopharmaceutical company MediGene AG announced today that the US patent office has issued US patent No. 6,352,696. entitled "Papillomavirus truncated L1 protein and fusion protein constructs" regarding vaccines to treat tumors induced by human papilloma virus infections (HPV- infections). The patent protects specific DNA constructs used to produce the vaccine particles as well as the manufacturing process. MediGene is developing such a vaccine for the treatment of cervical cancer and its precursors, which is currently undergoing phase I/ II clinical trials.

“This patent will fundamentally strengthen our position with regard to international competition. We believe it may block imitators from marketing similar HPV-vaccines“, explained MediGene’s CEO, Dr. Peter Heinrich and continued: “The consistent pursuit of our patent and licensing strategy is the basis for the development and marketing of innovative therapeutics.”

Cervical carcinoma is usually associated with certain types of high risk human papilloma virus (HPV). Vaccines present a very good opportunity to treat tumor diseases and will become an important therapeutic approach in cancer therapy in the next decade according to medical forecasts.

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