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How do we want to heat our homes in the future?

Researchers work on sustainable solutions for heating oil boilers


The question of heating is becoming increasingly important in times of scarce resources and of global warming. Are oil heating systems still future-proof? Moreover, if so, can they be operated with efficient, sustainable fuels? Researchers are striving to make heating with oil more sustainable as ...


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A wholly sustainable plastics economy is feasible


A new study shows what it will take for the plastics industry to become completely sustainable: lots of recycling combined with the use of CO2 from the air and biomass. It is also the image of plastics that need to change. Plastic is everywhere. Our society cannot do without it: plastics have ...


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Researchers uncover new water monitoring technique

New method simultaneously monitors clumps and the mixing intensity in a single step


Water is a vital resource, and clean water is a necessity. Texas A&M University researchers have developed a new technique to monitor one of the key processes of purifying water in real time. Raw water contains microscopic pathogens that are too small to remove during water and wastewater ...


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Revolutionary breakthrough: bacteria help in the circular economy of rare earths

Recycling Rare Earths with biomass: Previously uninvestigated strains of cyanobacteria can adsorb metals


Rare Earth metals are essential to countless high-tech applications. Working together with the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, a research team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now succeeded in recycling these valuable metals from aqueous solutions using previously ...


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A newly developed catalyst makes single-use plastics easier to upcycle, recycle, and biodegrade

Revolutionary breakthrough: The catalyst transforms motor oil, plastic and natural gas into sustainable materials


Researchers created a new catalyst that transforms hydrocarbons into chemicals and materials that are higher value, easier to recycle, and biodegrade in the environment. This catalyst transforms materials such as motor oil, plastics in single-use grocery bags, water or milk bottles, and their ...


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Efficient recovery of lithium from end-of-life batteries and battery production scrap

BASF and Tenova agree long-term cooperation for battery recycling


BASF has entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with Tenova Advanced Technologies (TAT) of Yokneam, Israel, for its battery recycling prototype plant in Schwarzheide, Germany. Both companies agreed to jointly optimize the hydrometallurgical recycling process, leveraging TAT’s novel ...


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Neste, Borealis, Uponor, Wastewise Group enable chemical recycling of hard-to-recycle plastic waste

First production of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes based on feedstock from chemically recycled PEX waste


Neste, Borealis, Uponor and Wastewise have successfully produced pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) which was based on feedstock gained from chemically recycled post-industrial waste plastic from PEX pipe production, using an ISCC PLUS certified mass-balancing approach. The partner ...


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Researchers use lead recycled from car batteries to make photodetectors

Recycling strategy could keep lead out of landfills and give used car batteries a second life in high-tech equipment


As lithium-ion batteries continue to decrease in price, they are quickly replacing the lead-acid batteries traditionally used in cars and other vehicles. This is creating a sudden abundance of used lead acid batteries, which would be harmful to the environment and people if not recycled properly. ...


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First steps towards a more climate-friendly streaming

Video streaming is responsible for high greenhouse gas emissions. These could be reduced with relatively simple measures


In recent years, video streaming has increased significantly. While every German spent an average of 42 minutes a day watching online videos on YouTube, Netflix, Facebook or other platforms in 2019, a year later it was already 55 minutes - in the group of 14- to 29-year-olds even 130 ...


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LyondellBasell and LEGO holding invest in APK to develop recycling technology


LyondellBasell and KIRKBI A/S, the family-owned holding and investment company of the LEGO® brand, announce they have signed an agreement to make an investment in APK, which specializes in a unique solvent-based recycling technology for low density polyethylene (LDPE). APK aims to increase the ...


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