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Chemical triad forms seeds for clouds

Synergistic particle formation in the upper troposphere by nitric acid, sulfuric acid and ammonia


Atmospheric aerosol particles are needed as seeds to form clouds, but the controlling processes are not fully understood. By combining experiments in the CERN cloud cham-ber and computer modelling, a team of international researchers, including scientists from the Max Planck Institute for ...


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Rice process aims to strip ammonia from wastewater

Ruthenium and copper catalyze a more environmentally friendly way to produce essential chemical


A dash ofrutheniumatoms on a mesh of copper nanowires could be one step toward a revolution in the global ammonia industry that also helps the environment. Collaborators at Rice University’sGeorge R. Brown School of Engineering,Arizona State Universityand Pacific Northwest National ...


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Mobile test stand for high-resolution Power-to-X kinetic analysis

Time and spatially resolved insight into the reactor


The conversion of renewable power into chemical energy sources through so-called Power-to-X processes is taking on an increasingly important role in Germany’s energy transition. As long-term, easy-to-transport, high-capacity energy sources, PtX maximize the potential of renewable energy and ...


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Using green tea as reducing reagent for the preparation of nanomaterials to synthesize ammonia


Compare with bulk graphitic carbon nitride, the optimal sample had 2.93-fold photocatalytic nitrate reduction to ammonia activity (2.627 mg/h/gcat), and the NH3 selectivity increased from 50.77% to 77.9%. They published their approach on September 06 in the Energy Material Advances. With simple ...


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Clariant developing next-gen ammonia cracking catalysts to support the global hydrogen revolution

Hydrogen to be converted to ammonia to facilitate transportation then reconverted at the point of use


Clariant Catalysts’ role in the so-called “green hydrogen revolution” continues to grow. The company is now participating in Germany’s prestigious TransHyDE project AmmoRef, which is tasked to develop process technologies and catalysts for ammonia cracking to facilitate future hydrogen transport, ...


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Combining sunlight and wastewater nitrate to make the world’s No. 2 chemical

UIC engineers convert nitrates to ammonia in sustainable electrochemical reaction with high solar-to-fuel efficiency


Engineers at the University of Illinois Chicago have created a solar-powered electrochemical reaction that notonly uses wastewater tomake ammonia — the secondmost-producedchemical in the world — but also achieves a solar-to-fuel efficiency that is 10 times better thanany ...


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Breaking ammonia: A new catalyst to generate hydrogen from ammonia at low temperatures

Producing Hydrogen from Ammonia Using State-Of-The-Art Calcium-Supported Nickel Catalyst


The current global climate emergency and our rapidly receding energy resources have people looking out for cleaner alternatives like hydrogen fuel. When burnt in the presence of oxygen, hydrogen gas generates huge amounts of energy but none of the harmful greenhouse gases, unlike fossil fuels. ...


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The new alchemy in carbon neutrality: turning water into ammonia with only renewable energy!

Producing ‘green ammonia’ with zero carbon emissions


The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), an institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and ICT, has developed an innovative process that uses renewable energy to produce ammonia at room temperature and normal pressure. This innovative technology is expected to ...


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Breakthrough: Novel technique seamlessly converts ammonia to green hydrogen

Findings have attracted significant attention from academic research communities


A research team, led by Professor Guntae Kim in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering at UNIST has announced a breakthrough in technology that efficiently converts liquid ammonia into hydrogen. Their findings have also attracted significant attention from academic research communities ...


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Abandoning the old ways: Progress in the low-cost electrochemical synthesis of ammonia

Scientists develop high performing electrocatalyst to synthesize ammonia in an effort to replace conventional eco-unfriendly methods


Ammonia (NH3) is among the most important chemicals produced by humans and has a promising future in sustainable energy applications besides being used in fertilizer production. Unfortunately, so far, the only realistic way that exists to produce ammonia at an industrial scale is through the ...


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