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New catalyst transforms carbon dioxide into sustainable byproduct

Researchers create acetic acid out of carbon monoxide derived from captured carbon


The need to capture CO2 and transport it for permanent storage or conversion into valued end uses is a national priority recently identified in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to move toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Now, Northwestern University researchers have worked with an ...


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PlasCO₂ project: Greenhouse gas transformed into a raw material

Innovative process could significantly reduce energy requirements for the production important chemical products


Evonik has launched the PlasCO2 project together with three partners. The aim is to use carbon dioxide (CO2) as a raw material in the production of C4 chemicals. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the project with more than €1.8 million. PlasCO2 stands for ...


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A single instrument determines a total of ten greenhouse gases and air pollutants simultaneously and with high precision

"Innosuisse Certificate" for Empa Spin-off: Ready for sustainable growth


Founded in February 2018 as an Empa spin-off, the start-up company "MIRO Analytical" received one of the coveted "Innosuisse Certificates" in October. The certificate reflects the remarkable progress the young company made during the funding agency's coaching program and confirms that the ...


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International research project achieves record in converting carbon dioxide into fuels

Artificial leaf


In an international research project involving the Technische Universität Ilmenau, scientists have succeeded in developing a sunlight-powered device that converts carbon dioxide directly into usable fuels with an efficiency of over five percent. This brings closer the goal of not only eliminating ...


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On-site reactors could affordably turn CO₂ into valuable chemicals

“I’m excited by the potential of this technology”


New technology developed at the University of Waterloo could make a significant difference in the fight against climate change by affordably converting harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) into fuels and other valuable chemicals on an industrial scale. Outlined in astudypublished in the journal Nature ...


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The platinum riddle

How a chemical reaction takes place that, at first glance, should not be possible at the temperatures observed


What happens when a cat climbs onto a sunflower? The sunflower is unstable, will quickly bend, and the cat will fall to the ground. However, if the cat only needs a quick boost to catch a bird from there, then the sunflower can act as a "metastable intermediate step". This is essentially the ...


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Breakthrough in converting CO2 into fuel using solar energy

Important piece of the puzzle in reducing the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in the future


A research team led by Lund University in Sweden has shown how solar power can convert carbon dioxide into fuel, by using advanced materials and ultra-fast laser spectroscopy. The breakthrough could be an important piece of the puzzle in reducing the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere ...


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"Chainmail catalysis" improves efficiency of CO oxidation at room temperature


CO oxidation at room temperature is significant for gas purification. Pt promoted by3dtransition metals (TMs) is a promising candidate for this reaction. However, TMs are prone to be deeply oxidized in an oxygen-rich atmosphere, leading to low activity. Recently, a research group led by Prof. ...


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The dream artificial photosynthesis technology ventures from the laboratory

"We developed a meaningful artificial photosynthesis system that directly operates through sunlight in real solar environments by using commercialized silicon solar cells"


Korean researchers are striving to turn artificial photosynthesis technology into reality to achieve carbon neutrality or accomplish a net carbon emission value of 0. Artificial photosynthesis is a technology that mimics natural photosynthesis by using the received sunlight energy to convert ...


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Cycle for sustainable plastics

Carbon-containing gases from steel production as a source of raw materials: Covestro starts up mini-plant


On the path to climate neutrality, the development of new raw material sources is of central importance. The Carbon2Chem project is investigating, among other things, where cross-sector networking between the steel and chemical industries is possible. The German government is funding the project ...


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