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Consumer protection: Novel method for detecting hormonally active substances

Analytical method for risk assessment of products and food


Scientists from the Universities of Dresden and Leipzig have presented a new method for detecting hormonally active substances in food, cosmetics and water in the journal “Biosensors & Bioelectronics”. Hormonally active substances can cause serious health problems, including breast and prostate ...


Analytics in consumer protection

Labeling requirements and safety aspects are topics of the analytica conference 2018


On Tuesday, in Munich the analytica conference begins. From April 10 to 12, 2018, experts will talk about their specialties from a real-world perspective—for example, about the analytical challenges involved in the implementation of consumer-oriented legislation. In addition to technical issues, ...


Adulterated foods investigated: modern analytical methods verify that foods are genuine

BfR hosts the European conference of Food Law Enforcement Practitioners (FLEP)


Melamine in milk powder or methanol in spirits - under certain circumstances, food adulteration can pose a health risk to consumers. The increasing globalisation of the food and feed market in particular calls for reliable strategies allowing for analytical testing of the properties of products. ...


CSEM leads consortium to quantify nanoparticles in consumer goods


In response to the increasing need for the detection and analysis of nanoparticles, European industry and academics have launched the EU-funded SMART-NANO project. The consortium's principal purpose of developing a technology platform for the measurement of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) could ...


Food chain control - refined detection, improved assessment

13th BfR Consumer Protection Forum on challenges in food and feed analysis in the face of the global flow of goods


Trust is good, but reliable and regular controls are even better. Adopting this motto, Europe has succeeded in setting high standards in the area of food and feed safety. Good and notably legally secure monitoring of standards required by law is only possible, however, if reliable and, more ...


Dioxin and EHEC yesterday, antimicrobials today - what next?

The BfR celebrates its 10th anniversary under the motto "avoiding crises before they arise"


Does the use of antimicrobials in animal production pose health risks to consumers? How safe is food in Germany? From a scientific viewpoint, what events carry a health risk for consumers? What crises may we be faced with in future? Ten years after the foundation of the Federal Institute for Risk ...


Matthias Greiner appointed Head of Department at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment


Risks which can be involved in foods and articles of daily use are diverse and complex. In order to determine a possible risk for consumers, information about the intake amounts of pathogens and contaminants are necessary. A focal area or research at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment ...


Safety of nano silver in consumer products: many questions remain open

BfR Workshop confirms incomplete data situation concerning the health risks of nanoscale silver


In its opinion on toxicity aspects of nano silver, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) had recommended to waive the use of nano silver in foods and articles of daily use until the data situation allows for a final assessment of the health risks. Mainly industry objected to this ...


Uniform standards ensure harmonised risk assessment in Europe

BfR publishes guidance document for health assessments


The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has published a guidance document for health assessments in the field of consumer protection. It also includes information on the correct wording to communicate about health risks. The BfR guidance document serves as a basis for the assessment of ...


Food packaging from recycled materials must be safe

Ninth BfR Forum on Consumer Protection deals with health risks of recycled packaging materials


Around 300 participants discussed at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin within the framework of the ninth BfR Forum on Consumer Protection entitled "How to package food safely - health risks of recycled materials?" about food packaging made of recycled materials, their ...


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