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ALTANA acquires stake in technology startup SARALON

Innovation partnership in the growth market of printed electronics


The specialty chemicals group ALTANA has acquired a stake in the tech startup SARALON. The young company specializes in the development of inks for printing electronics. In addition, it offers prefabricated electronic components that enable printers to quickly build capacities for printing ...


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New material will make locally flexible diodes possible

Temperature changes material characteristics: Researchers find new material with significant potential for electronics applications


Diodes allow directed flows of current. Without them, modern electronics would be inconceivable. Until now, they had to be made out of two materials with different characteristics. A research team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now discovered a material that makes it possible to ...


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Growth of Nanoholes Visible for the First Time Thanks to Helium Scattering

Scientists were able to observe and document the growth of hexagonal boron nitride for the first time


Atomically thin 2D materials for applications in microelectronics or nanotechnology are grown by breaking down gas on a hot metal surface. Due to the high temperatures and rapid transformation of the gas, it is extremely difficult to observe this process. Researchers from TU Graz have now joined ...


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Green electronics made from wood

Sensors and actuators of the future


Sustainable electronic components can be made from wood with the help of a novel process that uses a laser to engrave electrically conductive structures on veneers. Aresearch team at Empa and at ETH’s Institute for Building Materials has developed a practical and versatile method for making ...


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A paper battery with water switch

Just add a drop of water


A team of researchers at Empa developed a water-activated disposable paper battery. The researchers suggest that it could be used to power a wide range of low-power, single-use disposable electronics – such as smart labels for tracking objects, environmental sensors and medical diagnostic devices ...


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Researchers report major advance in semiconductor materials

High carrier mobility in cubic boron arsenide offers promise for next-gen electronics


Researchers have for the first time experimentally discovered that a cubic boron arsenide crystal offers high carrier mobility for both electrons and holes – the two ways in which a charge is carried in a semiconducting material – suggesting a major advance for next-generation electronics. While ...


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Future smart homes could be powered with electronics built on stones

Stone microenergy devices could provide high-performance, customizable and conveniently accessible power from natural building materials


What if you could power the smart thermostats, speakers and lights in your home with a kitchen countertop? Stones, such as marble and granite, are natural, eco-friendly materials that many people building or renovating houses already use. Now, in a step toward integrating energy storage with ...


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Flexing the power of a conductive polymer

A new material holds promise for the next generation of organic electronics


For decades, field-effect transistors enabled by silicon-based semiconductors have powered the electronics revolution. But in recent years, manufacturers have come up against hard physical limits to further size reductions and efficiency gains of silicon chips. That has scientists and engineers ...


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InnovationLab acquires flexible printed battery technology from Evonik

Metal-free polymeric materials for printed rechargeable solid-state batteries


InnovationLab announces that it has acquired theTAeTTOOz® printable battery technology from Evonik. InnovationLab and Evonik have been close partners in this field for many years and have jointly driven the technological development of TAeTTOOz to the present threshold of industrial scale ...


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World's Smallest Battery Can Power Computer with the Size of a Grain of Dust

Shrinking Tesla technology: An application-oriented method for an unsolved problem in microelectronics


Computers are getting smaller and smaller, just as current cell phones offer computing power similar to that of a laptop. And the trend toward miniaturization continues. Smart dust applications (tiny microelectronic devices), such as biocompatible sensor systems in the body, demand computers and ...


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