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Nitrile Gloves

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Semadeni (Europe) AG, Germany

The Semadeni Plastics Group designs, constructs, manufactures and distributes plastic products as well as services related to plastics. The products are being used in science and laboratory, healthcare, food and gastro, industry and logistics as well as the building industry. more

Showa International B.V., Netherlands

SHOWA stands for the highest degree of hand protection and innovation. Our technology has forever changed our industry, what our hands are capable of and the impact we make on our environment. We pioneer the quality, performance and protection to give ordinary hands extraordinary abilities. PERF more

Mapa GmbH, Germany


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Showa Single Use Nitrile Series Gloves

We engineer our gloves looking carefully at every single detail of worker and product protection more

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KCL-protective gloves – highest protection for your staff members !

KCL, Germany’s leading manufacturer in protective gloves, has been contributing to the successful protection of hands for all areas of risk with products and service for over the last 75 years more

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Showa Single Use Nitrile Series Gloves

As the original inventor of N-DEX®, the world first single use nitrile glove in 1991, SHOWA has continued over the last two decades to bring further innovation to single use nitrile. SHOWA has looked into single use market needs for personal and product protection and anticipating the increasing dem more

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  • Mechanism on the permeation of ethanol in nitrile gloves studied using positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy

    ABSTRACT Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) was applied to study the mechanism of ethanol diffusion through commercial nitrile rubber gloves. Even though the untreated raw samples were very different in their colors and area densities (g/cm2), the correlation between the ethanol more

  • Cave digitabula!

    Abstract We report here observations clearly demonstrating that gloves can have a deleterious impact on an IEF experiment. These observations were made during the practice of analyses for anti‐doping control of erythropoietin. We show that the wearing of nitrile gloves to apply the catholyte stri more


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