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  • How to make palm oil without destroying forests

    The versatility of palm oil has led to its use in not just food products but also in everyday goods from lipstick to laundry detergent. But its utility has resulted in the destruction of Southeast Asian rain forests that are the primary source of the oil. An article in Chemical & Engineering News (C more

  • An alternative raw material for polyamide 12

    In early 2013, Evonik Industries began operating a pilot plant for amino lauric acid (ALS) in Slovenska Lupca, Slovakia. The effort represents Evonik’s next step forward in the production of sustainable high-performance plastics. The biobased amino-lauric acid is an alternative to petroleum-based la more

  • Ceresana publishes up-to-date market study regarding the global fertilizer market

    Crop yields can be increased considerably by utilizing fertilizers. Agricultural output has to rise in order to feed the increasing world population and as a consequence, consumption of mineral fertilizers rises. That this market is worth a detailed analysis becomes obvious simply by the fact that m more

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