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Dogal A.S., Turkey

Dogal AS was established in 1994 in Istanbul, Turkey. The company's headquarters are located in the commercial centre of Turkey, Istanbul and the factory is located in the greenhouse capital of Turkey, Antalya. Also, the company has an office and sales team in Kyrgyzstan to operate in CIS countries. more

Spectral Service AG, Germany

Identification and structure elucidation of organic compounds; quantification using modern methods in pharmaceutics, pesticides, food, cosmetics. Optimization of production processes. more

Plant Impact PLC, United Kingdom

We research and develop crop enhancement products that growers can rely on to improve the yield and quality of their crops.Our ambition- We will lead R&D to advance understanding of plant responses, establishing crop enhancement as a trusted category of agricultural inputs. more

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Expand your capabilities with sensitive, robust MS/MS

Intelligent, Self-Aware, Connected GC/MS ✓ Fast Analysis ✓ Unrivalled Sensitivity more

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  • Artificial intelligence to help protect bees from pesticides

    Researchers in the Oregon State University College of Engineering have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to help protect bees from pesticides. Cory Simon, assistant professor of chemical engineering, and Xiaoli Fern, associate professor of computer science, led the project, which involv more

  • Plant stress transformed into rapid tests for dangerous chemicals

    Scientists have modified proteins involved in plants’ natural response to stress, making them the basis of innovative tests for multiple chemicals, including banned pesticides and deadly, synthetic cannabinoids. During drought, plants produce ABA, a hormone that helps them hold on to water. Addition more

  • Nano-sensor detects pesticides on fruit in minutes

    Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed a tiny sensor for detecting pesticides on fruit in just a few minutes. The technique, described as a proof-of-concept in a paper in the journal Advanced Science, uses flame-sprayed nanoparticles made from silver to increase the signal of more

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Detecting nerve agents with the touch of a finger

There’s a reason why farmers wear protective gear when applying organophosphate pesticides. The substances are nerve agents that are very effective at getting rid of unwanted bugs, but they can also make humans sick. Even more potent, related compounds -- organophophate nerve agents -- are deadl ... more



Pesticide spreading pesticide. A pesticide is a substance or mixture of substances used for preventing, controlling, or lessening the damage caused by a pest . A pesticide may be a chemical substance, biological agent (such as a virus or bacter ... more


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