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  • Metabolically engineered E. coli producing phenol

    Many chemicals we use in everyday life are derived from fossil resources. Due to the increasing concerns on the use of fossil resources, there has been much interest in producing chemicals from renewable resources through biotechnology. Phenol is an important commodity chemical, and is a starting ma more

  • BASF expands and modernizes phenolic resin production in Ludwigshafen

    BASF is expanding and modernizing its production facility for its Koresin branded phenolic resin at its Ludwigshafen Verbund site. The company will increase the product capacity by 50 %. As a key measure, a second production line is being built and is scheduled to start operations in 2014. Used as a more

  • Emerging asian countries fuel demand for petrochemical-derived cumene

    The Asia-Pacific region has rapidly emerged as the largest global consumer of cumene over the last decade, thanks to changes in the petrochemical industry, states a new report by industry experts GBI Research. The new report shows that global cumene demand has increased over the last decade to cater more

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