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BIOspec GmbH, Germany

BIOspec products utilizing high-end LED technology for sophisticated Photo-Chemistry and Bioacatalytsis Systems. Solutions offer a spectral range of 265 to 1100 nm for various applications. Combining innovative reactor technologies with profound knowledge in state-of-the-art LED-light sources enable more

Products Photochemistry

A comprehensive range of Flow Photoreactors to suit almost any application

Versatile: Wide range of output wavelengths in both batch and Flow ✓ Safe: No light leakage in operation and safety cut outs ✓ Scalable: wide variety of coil reactor sizes available ✓ more

News Photochemistry

  • Light and milling balls for greener chemical processes

    A combination of photochemistry and mechanochemistry saves 98 per cent solvent and 80 per cent energy in a number of reactions. What’s more, the process takes less time than it does in solution. Light-driven chemical reactions so far were usually conducted with large amounts of solvents that are oft more

  • It takes two: cooperating catalysts provide new route for utilizing formate salts

    Two catalysts working in tandem enable inexpensive formate salts to perform difficult dearomative reactions, giving products potentially useful for drug development. Researchers at the Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (WPI-ICReDD) have developed a method that uses cooperating cat more

  • Lab lights way to simple chemical synthesis

    Inexpensive iron salts are a key to simplifying the manufacture of essential precursors for drugs and other chemicals, according to scientists at Rice University. They’ve refined the process of producing diazides, building-block molecules in the production of drugs and agricultural chemicals. Iron s more

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Photochemistry Photochemistry, a sub-discipline of chemistry , is the study of the interactions between atoms , small molecules , and light (or electromagnetic radiation ). Like most scientific disciplines, photochemistry utilizes the SI or metr ... more


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