Automate your pH, Conductivity, BOD, COD and more with Robotics Solutions from SEAL Analytical

The Top 3 Advantages

Accurate - Reduce error and operator/sample Interaction


Economical - Various platforms to fit your workload


Reliable - Robust design for consistent results

Robotic Testing and Sample Handling Systems for the Environmental Market

The SEAL MiniLab AP (AutoPrep) and AR (AutoRead) systems combine robotic sample handling with robotic movement of probes and other testing equipment. United on one compact platform, the MiniLab AutoPrep and AutoRead systems present a reliable solution for your preparation procedures while freeing up valuable bench space.

The MiniLab AR systems are capable of many robotic testing and handling tasks. Almost any "off the shelf" probe or manual testing can be automated. Ideally suited for water and soil testing such as pH, conductivity and BOD. With the addition of an AP system, sample preparation can be automated - including filtering, pH adjustment, sample dilutions and more.

  • sample handling systems

  • measurement systems

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