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Modular Flow Chemistry System

The Top 3 Advantages

High Performance - Accurate, uniform temperature control from -85°C to +300°C and pressure up to 200 bar


Flexible - Perform an extensive range of chemistries from mg to kg


Minimal bench space/footprint required, compatible with all Uniqsis flow chemistry modules

Flexible, plug and play modular flow chemistry systems

FlowLab Plus™ is a flow chemistry reactor system comprised of a series of plug and play modules.
The system can be quickly reconfigured by adding or removing units to adapt the flow path to suit a specific project.
The system can be readily upgraded over time to accommodate additional modules for greater functionality.

All FlowLab Plus systems are built around a central Binary Pump dual‐channel reagent delivery module (BPM) and the Uniqsis Flow Control software.
An additional BPM or up to 2 standalone HPLC pumps may be added to provide additional flow channels. Pumps can be fitted with 10ml/min or 50 ml/min pump heads.
A maximum of 4 standalone reactor modules can be added to carry out reactions from -85°C up to 300°C.

A fraction collector, autosampler (for automatic filling of reagent sample loops) and an inline UV/Vis detector can be added to run reaction optimisation/screening protocols.

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