AQ700 - A Discrete Analyser with high throuput and walk away time

The Top 3 Advantages

Advanced robotics for faster standard and sample preparation/hour


Fastest start-up with the most automation and flexibility


Highest capacity - more samples and more reagents equal longer walk-away time

AQ700 can analyse ANY analyte in ANY order and guarantee no cross contamination

Laboratories analysing environmental samples face many hurdles. The lab’s task is made significantly more difficult by the large number of samples and
analytes required. Sometimes the samples to be analysed number in the thousands per day and keeping the costs per sample contained and low, places extra pressure on the laboratory.

Thankfully there is a way to process a large number of environmental samples automatically, with a low cost per sample. The SEAL AQ700 Discrete Analyser uses the principles of discrete analysis, and employs a robotic sampling arm to aspirate, dispense and mix accurate and precise quantities of samples and reagent with no cross-contamination. True walk-away operation means you can be performing analysis even when your lab is unattended overnight.

  • environmental analysis

  • Total Nitrogen

  • Total Phosphorous

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