Glue testers: Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac

The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing


Materials Testing According to ISO 4624, DIN EN 15870 and More

Principles of Operation

The LUMiFrac® is an innovative adhesion analyser, which employs centrifugal forces to stress multiple samples at once. It provides adhesive and tensile strength as an absolute physical quantity in N/mm².

The LUMiFrac accomplishes this by directly applying an incrementally increasing radial centrifugal force to the specimen being tested. It determines with high resolution the RPM at the moment of fracturing.

All data is transmitted to the wellknown and popular operating software SEPView, which automatically calculates and displays the critical force/strength of failure in real time. Furthermore, it allows to analyze, compare & calculate statistics and combine results for up to tens of samples. Related data, as figures of fracture pattern, may be taken into account as well.

Test sample positioning is as simple as 1-2-3. No clamping or special precautions are needed. Just slide up to 8 samples into marked rotor locations and you are ready to go. The unique multisample approach of testing 8 samples simultaneously results in an unparalleled accuracy and reduces measuring time by 85%. Combine everything you have just read, put it into action, and it makes for not exceptionally accurate and reproducible data, but also for an exceptionally happy user. LUMiFrac – the standard in adhesion & cohesion testing.

The Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac is the new benchmark for determining adhesive and tensile strengths (winner of the Berlin-Brandenburg 2012 Innovation Award).

Starting as an idea for an easier and timesaving determination of adhesive properties, the multipatented new adhesion testing technology now revolutionizes the analysis of your composite materials and bonded parts.

You can even work with multi-layered films; having an immense variety of applications.

The LUMiFrac is a research and QC tool for the adhesive formulation and surface treatment industry; lacquer coatings, joint wood products, composite materials in automotive and aircraft industries, adhesive tapes,

multilayer foils for packaging or thin metal films on plastics and optical substrates, e.g., eyeglasses, mirrors, and many more.

Different test stamps are available to cover more than enough material combinations and to enable a wide range of applied loads. In order to facilitate sample preparation specially designed tools are available.

The LUMiFrac comes certified, factory precalibrated and is ready-to-go.

Your benefits

  • Easy preparation of your test specimen
  • Up to 8 samples are analysed under identical conditions
  • No sample clamping at all - simply insert and start
  • Variable testing speeds
  • Flexible load cycling
  • Wide range of test forces (0.1 N up to 6.5 kN)
  • Testing under various temperatures
  • Cost-saving multi-use of test stamps
  • Meets ISO 4624 and DIN EN 15870


Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac


The new standard in adhesion and cohesion testing.


Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac


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The new standard in adhesion and cohesion testing.

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Glue testers: Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac

The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing