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The most sensitive and versatile electrochemical detector for HPLC

It loves to be controlled by a Third party CDS

Most sensitive electrochemical detector, down to Attomole ✓ Highest flexibility, fits any (U)HPLC from standard bore down to nano-LC ✓ Very robust flowcells, broad selection of electrodes & up to 5-years warranty ✓...


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Thermo Scientific™ Charged Aerosol Detectors: See what you've been missing - Hidden peaks revealed

A charged aerosol detector helps you see analytes that other technologies fail to detect

Sensitive, universal detection with a near-uniform response ✓ Measures any non-volatile and semi-volatile analytes at sub-nanogram ✓ Does not require a chromophore or ionization...


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Sedex 100 – the Most Sensitive ELSD Detector on the Market

The Evaporative Light Scattering Detector with SAGA – by ERC

For HPLC, UHPLC and SFC: Outstanding sensitivity and the high dynamic range of these light scattering detectors...


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RI Detectors for the Analytical, Semi-Micro and Preparative Area

Versatile & Highly Sensitive Refractive Index Detectors for Your HPLC System

The Shodex RI-500 series displays an outstanding stability obtained by a double temperature control, an automatic start-up function and a validation wizard...


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