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Büchi AG, Switzerland

Buchiglas (Buchi AG) is a globally leading Swiss manufacturer of reactor systems and pilot plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as research institutions– from lab, through pilot to production scale. Our company offers two distinct product lines: • Reactors systems made of g more

Schulz+Partner GmbH, Germany

Since 1995 we deliever plants and components on the field of thermal processes engineering. - Planning and construction of processing systems for thermal liquid separation of temperature-sensitive products - Development of processes in the areas of distillation-crystallisation-rectification-absorpt more

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  • Molecular electronics scientists shatter 'impossible' record

    An international research team that includes University of Central Florida Professor Enrique del Barco, Damien Thompson of the University of Limerick and Christian A. Nijhuis of the National University of Singapore has cracked an important limitation that for nearly 20 years has prevented the practi more

  • Cheaper substrates made of oxide materials

    Imagine building cheaper electronics on a variety of substrates -- materials like plastic, paper, or fabric. Researchers at Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University have made a discovery that opens this door, allowing them to build electronic components like diodes on many different substrates. They more

  • Messer topping-out ceremony for second production facility in Germany

    10,000 cubic meters of earth moved, 5,000 cubic meter of concrete poured and 1,300 square meters of brickwork: These are a few of the key statistics so far for the new air gas production facility being built by the Messer industrial gas specialist on the Salzgitter Flachstahl site, a subsidiary of t more

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Optical rectification

Optical rectification Electro-optic rectification (EOR) (also referred to as optical rectification) is a non-linear optical process which consists in the generation of a DC polarization in a non-linear medium at the passage of an intense optica ... more


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