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IHS is a leading source of information and insight in pivotal areas that shape today’s business landscape: energy, economics, geopolitical risk, sustainability and supply chain management. IHS is also the leading provider of information management solutions for environmental, health and safety comp more

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  • Merck announces Sigma-Aldrich business sale to Honeywell

    Merck announced that Sigma-Aldrich, the U.S. life science company it plans to acquire, agreed to sell parts of its solvents and inorganics business in Europe to Honeywell in fulfilment of commitments made to the European Union in order to win antitrust approval for its $17 billion acquisition of Sig more

  • Struggles ahead in China for chemical and pharmaceutical companies

    China's economic downturn plus other factors, including overcapacity and tightening regulations, mean the next two to three years could be challenging for the foreign chemical and pharmaceutical companies located there. To survive in China as it adjusts to a slower pace of growth, businesses will li more

  • Europe and North America drive demand for premium, sustainable lubricants

    Rising vehicle production and manufacturing output accompanied by the enforcement of eco-friendly policies have lent momentum to the global lubricant market. Demand will escalate especially in developing countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, with the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia more

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  • Quality assurance in medical laboratories

    Quality assurance in medical laboratories is of fundamental importance for the process of in vitro diagnosis for many diseases. The ISO 15189 standard ("Medical laboratories — Particular requirements for quality and competence") was developed to address the general dissatisfaction with current standards on the part of those working in the laboratory sector. more


Allosteric regulation

Allosteric regulation In biochemistry , allosteric regulation is the regulation of an enzyme or protein by binding an effector molecule at the protein's allosteric site (that is, a site other than the protein's active site ). Effectors that ... more


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