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  • Pocket-size food scanner

    According to a study by the environmental organization WWF Germany, ten million metric tons of food are thrown in the garbage every year in Germany despite still being edible. A mobile food scanner will allow consumers and supermarket operators in the future to test whether food items have gone bad. more

  • Brazilian company doubles shelf life of pasteurized fresh milk

    Agrindus, an agribusiness company, has increased the shelf life of grade A pasteurized fresh whole milk from seven to 15 days.This feat was achieved by incorporating silver-based microparticles with bactericidal, antimicrobial and self-sterilizing properties into the rigid plastic bottles used as pa more

  • When bubbly goes bad before popping the cork

    In the rare case that New Year's revelers have a bottle of leftover bubbly, they have no way to tell if it'll stay good until they pop the cork and taste it at the next celebration. But now scientists are reporting a precise new way for wineries — and their customers — to predict how long their spar more

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Shelf life

Shelf life and 'use by' 8 May Shelf life is that length of time that food , drink, medicine and other perishable items are given before they are considered unsuitable for sale or consumption . In some regions, a best before, use by or fresh ... more


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