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Transmission Electron Microscopy

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FEI Munich GmbH, Germany

Since its acquisition in 2011 TILL Photonics, now FEI Munich GmbH has become an integral part of FEI Life Sciences. TILL Photonics' 20 years of experience in developing light microscopy systems has resulted in a unique technology portfolio which was recently successfully applied to standard setting more

News Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Graphene scientists capture first images of atoms ‘swimming’ in liquid

    Graphene scientists from The University of Manchester have created a novel ‘nano-petri dish’ using two-dimensional (2D) materials to create a new method of observing how atoms move in liquid Publishing in the journal, Nature,the team led by researchers based at the National Graphene Institute (NGI) more

  • Visualizing the invisible

    There are multiple ways to create two- and three-dimensional models of atoms and molecules. With the advent of cutting-edge apparatus that can image samples at the atomic scale, scientists found that traditional molecular models did not fit the images they saw. Researchers have devised a better way more

  • Tracking Topological Conditions in Graphene

    Scientists have already been able to demonstrate that graphene nanostructures can be generated by annealing of a nanostructured silicon carbide crystal for a few years. “These two-dimensional, spatially strongly restricted carbon bands exhibit a vanishingly small electrical resistance even at room t more

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